Milan: a bird’s eye view

21 September 2022

LCNi takes a look over the exhibition floor at Fiera Milano Rho as EXPODetergo prepares for kick off in Milan. it is an impressive line-up

EXPOdetergo, the four-yearly leading event in Europe, dedicated to laundry and wet-drycleaning machines, technologies, products and services, will take place at Fiera Milano Rho from 21 to 24 October where visitors will be able to discover the latest trends and innovations from a large selection of companies gathering for the first major European show since Covid-19 struck.

Sustainability, digitisation and sanitisation are the three key words around which the project is being built, according to Paolo Pizzocaro, Fiera Milano exhibition director of the event, who said: “The world comes here to see what’s new in the sector, because it is here that the market can do business and network.”

The large number of companies that formalised participation early in the year was undoubtedly extremely signifi cant, said Marco Sancassani, president of EXPODetergo International. “Such a massive participation so many months before the event is in fact a sign of the great vitality of this sector, of its resistance and the desire to get back into the game, which I am sure will fi nd full fruition in an unprecedented edition of the exhibition.”

The October event promises to provide a global view of the market and the innovations that companies and their research and development departments have been working on in recent years.

OInformation on atending the even can be found at


Hall 1 - Stand K21-M22

Alliance Laundry Systems will display wahjt it descfribes as a variety of ‘game-changing’ equipment and technology in its 220-square-metre booth representing all its leading brands in Europe. Product underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and global leadership.

“The Alliance team in Europe is looking forward to this year’s Expo Detergo show,” said Jean-Baptiste Vandamme, senior vice president sales Europe. “Due to Covid restrictions, the laundry industry did not have the chance to meet physically, so having the opportunity to interact with customers and visitors is something we are very much looking forward to.”

Highlights include the new C-Dryer, condenser dryer, displayed with the matching semi-commercial front load washer, marketed in Europe under the Speed Queen Professional name.

“The Speed Queen C-Dryer is our latest innovation and a condenser dryer capable of drying a full load in less than an hour, making this model the fastest condenser dryer on the market. When paired with the Speed Queen front load washer, this is the perfect professional laundry equipment for small businesses,” Vandamme said.

Another debut is the Primus FX softmount washer extractor range, with a new design and an increased G-Force of up to 500G. Also featuring is a heat-pump tumbler with booster technology, solutions for facility managers and laundromats, as well as touchscreen controls, and wireless connectivity solutions. Alliance’s commitment to global-leading customer service continues with interactive remote visual assistance tool Techsee, which enhances and speeds service to end users. Live demos are scheduled on the stand.


Hall 3P - Stand G01

Barbanti off ers a vast range of machines for industrial fi nishing to meet all the needs of various sectors; from wet cleaning to dry cleaning, from clothes manufacturing to Horeca, for hotels and communities with its high quality, certified, patented professional equipment. .


Hall 1P - Stand E01 F10

Biko Engineering develops and produces a wide range of laundry solutions including folding machines for clothes and flatwear and machines for processing hospital garments. Special machines, for example, including an airbag folding system are also in the portfolio. Biko also manufactures and supplies transport equipment ranging form scissor-lifting tables, through adapting ramps to conveyor belts.


Hall 3P - Stand G30 H29

Ever since drycleaning machines have been in existence, the problem of distillation boil over (also known as black-over) has been a problem. Due to the addition of low temperature boilers such as water, high humidity, dosing additives and substances removed from the garments during the drycleaning process, the boiling behaviour of the solvents and the low boiler mixture can change. This results in froth and a ‘black-over’ of the distillation. This problem is particularly problematic with alternative solvents.

Böwe decided to tackle this situation and developed a new photoelectric sensor. During the distillation process, the surface of the liquid in the distillation is monitored. If there is increased bubble formation, the sensor detects this and automatically breaks the vacuum for a short time. This leads to an increase in the boiling point and a collapse of the foam head. Black-over and dirt transfer are thus prevented. This eliminates the need for annoying and expensive cleaning of the water separators and clean tanks, which leads to odour formation if poorly maintained. In addition, energy-intensive distillation of contaminated tank contents is no longer necessary which saves a lot of energy, time and cooling water. Problem solved!


Hall 3P - Stand M10

Büfa develops products to remove a wide variety of stains and odour-intensive soiling, for safe disinfecting and for finishing and improving fabrics. Modern process engineering in conjunction with individual dosing equipment and methods guarantee flawless and cost-effective results.

Drycleaning is catered for by various solvents, such as perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon solvent or silicone solvent, the trademarked Sensene. Büfa was involved in the developing of Sensene over several years. This enabled the introduction of perfectly balanced textile care, says Büfa, allowing textiles to retain their colour brilliance and just smell clean (not of solvent). Valuable textiles, especially outerwear, sportswear, weatherproof clothing, duvets, protective clothing (PPE), must be cleaned and treated professionally.


Hall 3P - Stand D09 and D10 E01

Christeyns will showcase its new and groundbreaking washing concept EPIC. Water is usually the first thing that the industry thinks of when it comes to sustainability. Not only the availability of water but also the cost of wastewater disposal and the need to comply with ever strict wastewater regulations.

EPIC – Enzymatic Process Innovation by Christeyns - allows commercial laundries to meet wastewater discharge standards and reduce wastewater costs. How? By introducing biological enzymes directly into the wash process. The enzymes ensure that 50% less detergent is needed, which makes the wastewater cleaner. But there are many more advantages to the EPIC wash concept, which professional textile cleaners can discover at the Christeyns’ booth.

Choosing EPIC, also means unlocking a totally new technology, says Christeyns, because washing with enzymes requires expertise and accuracy. That is why Christeyns developed a high-tech and patented device that mixes enzymes and adds them to the washing process separately from the detergent.

During the show, visitors can experience the technology in the Christeyns ‘Expreinece Box.

Christeyns’ partners Laundry Dashboard and HydRO for laundries are also exhibiting at H3 - Stand D09.


Hall 3P - Stand C12 D11

Not even two years since the company was founded in March 2021, CLM Texfinity is at EXPODetergo to explain about the foundations of its organisation, which includes development/production centres in Arendonk (Belgium) and Chuandao (Shanghai, China) as well local sales centres in 25 countries worldwide. .

Among its laundry solutions, visitors can find the S.wash-T tunnelwasher which, thanks to advanced engineering and the use of intelligent technology, is a top performing and versatile tunnel washer, tuned for high production laundries, the company says.

“Our continuous efforts in maximising the reliability of the S.wash-T has led to a robust tunnel washer design with top quality parts. This results in the excellent washing proces and extends the lifetime of the tunnel washer. The lowest possible downtime has been reached thanks to a direct connection between each S.wash-t tunnel washer and CLM-Texfinity and a fast response time,” says the company.”

The tunnel washer is available from 8 up to 16 compartments of 60kg each.


Hall 3P - Stand F20 H11

Represented by Domus Laundry


Hall 3P - Stand P22 R21

With over 30 years of experience Datamars Textile ID offers specialised RFID solutions for the following sectors of the textile laundry business: industry, healthcare, hospitality, elderly homes and communities.

Datamars says it has created the most complete RFID product portfolio to identify and track every specific kind of textile: flat linen, work wear, personal wear, mats and mops.


Hall 3P - Stand F20 H11

Domus Laundry, industrial laundry manufacturer celebrating 100 years in 2022 is glad to welcome visitors to insoect firsrt hand its range of highly efficient machines with the latest technology to.

“At the event, we will present our new products and services that not only stand out for their efficiency, but which are also adapted to the new environmental and social realities that are emerging. Domus’ efficient machines with advanced technology particularly stand out for their connectivity and traceability functions, says the company.


Hall 1P - Stand E22

Valmet is a leading supplier of textiles and accessories for feeders, flatwork ironers and folders. Most of the world’s laundry machine manufacturers are equipping their new machines with Valmet Laundry Products (earlier known as Fanafel Laundry Products).

It produces needled felts for the feed belts and the covering of the rolls of all types of flatwork ironers (heated roll and heated chest). In addition, we supply laundry accessories.

The company’s laundry textiles are manufactured in Ovar, Portugal which is the biggest tailor-made single products facility in Europe.


Hall 1P - Stand B11 C18

Founded in Vigevano in 1986, Fimas grew quickly and strongly in the laundry sector, drawing not only on its own strength and energy but also on the experience and innovative technology of Macpi SpA pressing division, worldwide leader in the manufacturing of pressing machines for the garment industry.

Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, both members of Macpi Group, it is capable of responding to the different needs of the market. This synergy has certainly been one of the key point for the success of Fimas, from the ability to supply the smallest laundry up to the biggest ones.

Fimas offers a wide range of high quality and flexibility machinery, such as steaming cabinets (with or without doors), dummies, vacuum, blowing and steaming ironing tables (with interchangeable shapes), spotting tables and pressing machines, able to satisfy the different working realities.


Hall 3P - Stand B02 C01

Firbimatic has a wide range of drycleaning machines for the different markets of the world and for use with both standard and alternative solvents.

Firbimatic’s most recent introduction is the new Vortex series designed for use with perchloroethylene solvent. Its new Concept S using the latest engineering and design technology offers fast cycle times by greatly reducing the drying phase.


Hall 3P - Stand T20

From design to manufacture, Foltex machines are making an impact worldwide for their simplicity and reliability. The quality of manufacture is first class, and the design is cutting edge. Machines are conceived, developed and manufactured in Holland and designed to work in any laundry environment.

Products include flatwork and drywork feeders and folders, garment folders, stackers and conveyor systems.


Hall 3P - Stand L20 M11

Founded in Milan in 1955 is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial ironing machines. The main application fields range from drycleaning to laundry shops, from the clothing industry to hotels and nursing homes.

With more than 300 distributors and resellers, Ghidini products are available in more than 50 countries throughout the five continents.


Hall 3P - Stand L10 M01

At Girbau providing customised solutions for any laundry application – big or small – while specialising in an array of markets, including industrial, commercial and self-service laundries, is the company’s mission.

“We ensure the disinfection and hygiene of textiles in hospitals, nursing homes, beauty salons, fitness gyms, sport centers, veterinary clinics, riding centers and healthcare facilities. Our laundries deliver superior productivity and efficiency, as well. We design customised laundry solutions for commercial and industrial laundries – no matter the size, quality or production needs,” says the company.


Hall 3P - Stand K10

Leading flatwork ironer manufacturer GMP offers a range of product for all purposes. At ExpoDetergo GMP will showcase the brand latest evolutions: E2 and G2.

The trait d’union between the two lines, respectively chest ironers and drying ironers, is the new SHARP control platform unveiled for the first time in October 2021 during the launch of E2.

The SHARP control platform has been extremely successful thanks to its innovative approach to the commercial equipment use and is going to be extended to the new G2 line with Q1, 2023. Its main force points are the integrated operator training and troubleshooting sections.

“Contrary to washer and dryer, an ironer is an open system, where the individual experience in operating makes a big difference in whether you obtain great results or great issues” says Rudi Giaon, GMP CEO. “If you add difficulties in finding experienced labour, or frequent turnover very typical of seasonal hospitality activities, you can obtain a problematic mix. In designing E2 and SHARP control, GMP’s challenge has been to offer an effective solution to a very felt necessity and I believe we have fully reached our goal.”

GMP staff will be delighted to introduce the details to visitors.


Hall 3P - Stand H01

Grandimpianti has been operating in the laundry industry since 1972 offering machines and equipment for the professional wet cleaning, drying, ironing and treatment of linen. Our machines are characterised by maximum reliability, high quality, low consumption and reduced maintenance costs. They include washers, tumble dryers and roller ironers.


Hall 3P - Stand B24

ORGANIXprotect system is a sustainable and 100% plastic-free packaging system for the packaging of a wide range of products. The basis of the innovative concept is the ORGANIXprotect consumable, which consists exclusively of sustainable raw materials and is 100% plastic-free, compostable and recyclable. ORGANIXprotect is perfectly suited for the use in the fields of LifeScience/Industry as well as Healthcare – a change towards sustainable packaging has never been this easy!

The EcoPak generation is our new premium economy class for the professional packaging of medical instruments in sealable pouches and reels, and was a German Design Award Winner in 2021. The microprocessor-controlled band sealers offer ideal sealing performance with high capacity at the same time and meet all safety standards.

The EcoPak generation comes in three Versions hd 650 D, hd 650 DE and hd 650 DC with various features that meet every demand.


Hall 3P - Stand N02 P01

Drycleaning machines, washers, tumbledryers, flatwork ironers, barrier washers, hygienising cabinets and uxiliary equipment is available for all sectors form Italclean. talclean machines are based on the concept of “easy maintenance”, designed to provide customers around the world with reliable and extremely user-friendly machines with a long service life. A long-term investment in terms of quality and productivity.


Hall 1P - Stand R11 S20

The Jensen-Group has something exceptional up its sleeve for all visitors to this year‘s Expo Detergo, it says. The show will mark the world première of a new generation of towel feeding robots built by its partner Inwatec. It will be feeding towels of various sizes into a jensen Butterfly towel folder at high speed, and without any human intervention. Jensen was the first company to launch a towel feeding robot in 2008. The first model has been continuously upgraded and improved, and it can’t wait to show the new Blizz to its customers. Sorting, feeding, folding and stacking of towels can be done completely hands-free, and thus highly productive at highest hygiene standards.

Jensen’s robotics section features another hands-free process: Inwatec‘s automated soil sort system incorporating robotics, an X-Ray system with AI, is now an all-in-one solution as Thor can handle both garments and flatwork in one system.

The new XR dryer will set new benchmarks in productivity with its extra airflow for a greater air exchange and up to 15% higher evaporation capacity. Laundries will be able to achieve the same results with fewer driers with bigger drum volumes and wider door openings.

A further highlight is the new MetriQ loading station. Its unique buttons-tothe- front feature enables the efficient loading of garments with back openings, such as patient gowns and scrubs. It’s the most productive and ergonomic loading station in the industry.

“We will be using EXPODetergo to unveil our latest innovations to the global public and show many other exciting developments for laundries that want to increase their productivity and ecological efficiency” confirms Matteo Gerosa, general manager of Jensen Italy.


Hall 3P - Stand P20 S11

The Kannegiesser exhibit will focus on the keys to the future of hygienic textile processing: “Logistics and Automation, Robotization, Employee Ergonomics, Productivity and Sustainability.”

We are looking forward to presenting our newest products and innovations at first European trade show since the start of the pandemic. Among many other exhibits, these will be our highlights:

  • The fully automatic drywork line featuring Robofeed
  • The brand new SynchroPro Remote feeding with certified ergonomics for large piece feeding

The drywork Line fully automatically feeds, folds, sorts and stacks batches of mixed towels from hotels and hospitals. It consists of the pre-feeder and separator CSP, the newly developed and field approved feeding robot Robofeed and the folding machine Speedline XFM. The Robofeed is equipped with state-ofthe- art camera technology that enables a servo-driven gripper to recognize, separate and feed every single item into the folding machine at maximum speed.

The all-new SynchroPro Remote and its Swiftcare feeding principle will direct your feeding process piece by piece towards a perfectly synchronized symphony. The outcome is always a true harmony between swift performance and careful linen treatment – without compromise. The SynchroPro Remote represents a great leap in ergonomics. An independent study by the ErgoCert institution from Udine, Italy, confirms: The ergonomic design of the feeding reduces strain on operators by up to 37 % and increases productivity by up to 37,5 % in comparison to conventional feeders.


Hall 3P - Stand S22 T21

Best known for its barrier washer extractors, the PCH Line machines are designed to ensure the best quality of washing results with minimum consumption of water, detergent, and energy. Machine construction is robust and stabile, designed to ensure longevity of each and every part of the machine under heavy burdening. Advanced solutions as automatic weighing system, water recycling system, several energy meters, high-tech controls, monitoring system and many others, enable the user a safe, reliable, and optimal operation of the machine. With the widest selection of models (loading capacity in kg, 1:10) and options we guarantee to reach the highest level of laundry needs and requirements, as well as user satisfaction.

  • Hygienic and clean room (ISO 5) solutions
  • Extreme robustness and stability
  • Ergonomic and safe

“Years of technical experience with constantly investing in people, developing new products and service, we are setting high performance standards in working with our customers to provide only the best solutions in laundry processing,” says Mojca Krepek KT’s CEO.

Krebe Tippo also supplies washer extractors, tumble dryers and ironers.


Hall 3P - Stand C20 D19

Kreussler is a German family business founded in 1912, managed by the fourth generation. The invention of the original wet cleaning and SYSTEMK4, two sustainable solutions for colour and fibre-preserving cleaning of non-washable textiles, are just two of many textile care innovations. For laundries of any size, Kreussler offers high-quality, highly concentrated detergents and washing auxiliaries.


Hall 1P - Stand M10

On fthe stand will be the new Hybrid ironer, which says LACO, in the morning or during the day, the ironer is heating up with green electricity.

When there is not enough green electricity, a small gas boiler will help heating up the ironer. This way carbon emissions are reduced which helps building a greener world.

Plus, there is the SECOMachinery-range. As opposed to the current LACO range with a high industrial technology factor, the SECOMachinery-range will target the broader market. More the commercial and professional market instead of the industrial applications.

The SECO Machinery (SEmi-industrial, C for chest and O for roll and M for machinery) range will appeal to all projects ranging from 30 to 80-100kg/ hour not only in price, but also in quality, reliability, low maintenance and of course extremely low energy consumption. This range will still produce an amazing 0,38kW/kg linen at 40-50% RM just like the existing LACO range. To compare average cylinder ironers are in the area of 0,90 to 1,10 depending on make and age. The critical parts such as chest and roll are always LACO technology.


Hall 3 - Stand A26-B30

Lapauw’s 180m booth is there for visitors to find out how it can help launder linen in the most hygienic and cost effective way. For example:

  • UNIX ED4 feeder with VS2 folder with 4 inline stackers, allowing you to save space in the laundry and save personnel costs, as the folder automatically sorts items to size.
  • The IronMAX 2-roll diam. 1200 ironer. Thanks to features like large bridge, true parallel heating circuit and Lapauw individual springs, the IronMAX quickly made his name for being one of the most productive and efficient ironers on the market.
  • The IronClassic Single roll, diamater 1200. The Lapauw ironer is a classic in any way. With the flexible chest and individual Lapauw springs, the Lapauw ironers are widely known for their quality and productivity.

And Lapauw has also the widest ironer range on the market, from small 500 mm roll diameter, up to the 3-roll, diam. 1600 ironer.

For clean rooms, Mediwave and Medistream are well known in the business, as they meet the hygienic standards for cleanrooms, while providing cycle times per batch of under 60 minutes.

“The Mediwave is not just a cleanroom washer; this barrier washer offers distinct features that improve hygiene and ergonomics in health care laundries.

“We’ll show you the ins and outs of these machines and the other systems we have in our product range, like our garment solutions and energy recovery system that has already proven to save laundries on their energy costs,” says Wim Demeyer of Lapauw.


Hall 1P - Stand B11 C18

Macpi manufactures pressing machines for garment producers and industrial laundries, designing customised machinery based on the needs eaxch business and offering complementary services, maintenance and after-sales service.

Macpi says the best companies in the apparel industry and the world’s leading fashion houses will be on the stand.


Hall 1P - Stand C01

Maestrelli is one of the most important producers in the drycleaning sector, with more than 40.000 machines sold and having major clients anywhere in the world, from Europe to Middl East and from the south-east to the Americas.

The company was also the first Italian producer ever: being founded in 1935. Maestrelli is widely known for its high quality standards, for cutting-edge technology and last but not least for the solidity of its machines, says the company.


HALL1P - Stand 21,

Anti-Bact is the latest development from Maxi-Press an antibacterial water extraction membrane with Hohenstein certification. This high-tech innovation from Germany contributes to a significant reduction of germs in the laundry. In addition to testing by the German Hohenstein Institute, customers confirm the advantages of the membrane. The mode of action actively prevents the formation of germs on the membrane surface. The laundry is thus protected from germs and organic deposits that could originate from the membrane surface during the entire pressing process. The antibacterial effect of the high-tech product is unlimited says Maxi-Press and is particularly suitable for use in hospitals and care facilities.


Hall 1P - Stand G21 H22

Metalprogetti is at EXPODetergo to present what’s new, meet historical partners, make new agreements, measure ourselves against the competition and identify the strong market products. Gathering feedback is important to target new areas of research and development to invest in. Metalprogetti products were born as storage and warehouse management RFID solutions, evolving over time into increasingly automated systems, such as sorters, employee uniform dispensers and personal garment pick-up systems. It has recently designed systems for a crucial warehouse logistics process in order preparation: item picking systems. .


Hall 1P - Stand U01 V10

“Our guiding principle is the highest quality – ‘Immer Besser’ our common goal. We are the only manufacturer to test our products for a service life of up to 30,000 operating hours. Our guiding principle has driven us for more than 115 years to develop the best solutions for our customers, so that they in turn can offer your customers the best results,: says Miele

The new Benchmark machines, connectivity-enabled laundry machines are all-rounders but, where necessary, absolute specialists, says Miele. And there are also right-sized dryers to match the washing machines from this model series, with load capacities of between 12 kg and 20 kg. Commercial machines are the ideal foundation on which to efficiently organise work routines. Look out for the new Miele MOVE portal – on PCs and mobile devices.


Hall 1P - Stand V11 Z20

Milnor, in its 75th anniversary year, relishes its role as a leading manufacturer of laundry equipment and is focused on improving efficiencies and developing innovations which keep the company on the cutting edge of technology. This is evidenced by Milnor’s 52 US patents, with more patents pending and many overseas patents. Milnor continues to pave the way with sustainability initiatives; two highlights of which are its industry leading PulseFlow® tunnel washing technology and RinSave® software in washer-extractors which reduces water, energy and labour costs.


Hall 1P - Stand K11 L20

Pony is a leading italian manufacturer of pressing and finishing equipment with a wide range of products that include ironing tables, presses for laundry and dry cleaning, shirt finishers, formers of any kind, spotting tables and cabinets, trousers toppers, steam generators and sanitising machines.


Hall 1P - Stand T01

Right from the start Rampi has always worked in close relationship with laundries and drycleaners to help them adapt to the continuous changes and prepare for the future. “We know that quality service means comprehensive assistance and constant innovation,” says Rampi.

Rampi has always been committed to providing solutions designed to safeguard the health of workers in laundries because quality means above all ensuring the end customer a service that respects the health of all those involved along the supply chain.

In the future as in the past Rampi intends to dedicate utmost care both to those behind the counter and to its customers.


Hall 3P - Stand L26 M21

Realstar has, in consultation with customers, agents and market requirements developed a new range of perchloroethylene drycleaning machines.

The R series machine has been developed to be technically advanced, a compact machine, with easy operation and has been fitted as standard with many features for maximum performance and reduced operating costs.

Realstar hydrocarbon machines are available as KT (2 tanks) KM (3 tanks) and HSK (suspended drum for high-speed spin)

Realstar engineers have collaborated closely with the Kreussler in developing chemical products for the drycleaning industry, to offer these new machines that will maximise results utilising their new Class III A solvent, SOLVON K4.

Realstar will be in groducing the VISION series.

Designed for use with alternative solvents such as hydrocarbon ands silicone, Vision machines produce sparkling clean clothes without the use of water or steam, says Realstar.


Hall 1P - Stand K01 L10

Innovation, quality, and new product lines covered by exclusive patents: these are pleasant surprises that visitors to EXPODetergo will be able to admire when visiting the Renzacci stand. In the drycleaning field the focus will be on a concept of cleaning strictly related to wellness and health, thanks to the new bio drycleaning machines from the exclusive Sentinel edition, which takes advantage in a simple and innovative way of the natural power of ultraviolet rays for a deep and effective action against virus and bacteria.

In the washing machine line-up, Renzacci introduces the new line of high spin washer extractors HS Ecocare system, all equipped with the new innovative ‘Superstorage’ water reclaiming system which allows a consistent water saving (up to 40%) and energy saving (up to 20%).

Renzacci will also introduce an advanced line of washing machines and coin-op dryers for launderettes, which has obtained a great success in terms of interest and sales in Europe and it has also a special award for its innovative boost in the coin-op division in the USA, Europe and South America.

Also on display will be the new RZ series of closed circuit tumble dryers with integrated recovery of air flow.

“Once again this range distinguishes itself for originality and lowering running costs,offering to its owners great advantages, among them it is worth remembering the fact that they allow to completely eliminate any needs of external exhaust pipes and/or expensive and bulky exhaust hoods,” says FRenzacci’s Dr Marco Niccolini.

Last but not least is the new generation of sanitising and hygienising cabinets with triple combined action i-Genius 2.0, to provide a high-quality service to all customers in the hospitality industry.


Hall 3P - Stand H10 K01

Rotondi produces hi-tech pressing equipment for mens and ladies jackets, trousers, jeans, shirts and knitwear. Two advanced production plants of almost 10,000 square meters (100,000 square feet) give an integrated manufacturing cycle from design to completion using the latest automatic cutters and robots.


Hall 3P - Stand G22 H21

Sankosha recognises that after two years of Covid a lot of people need to train to achieve skills in textile knowledge, spotting, finishing, and so on. Sankosha is dealing with that shortfall more automation and practical hi tech solutions to help its cjusoptmers meet cusotmer demands. Sankosha is focusing on advanced solutions and introducing specialised machines for high quality finishing for bigger volumes.


Hall 3P - Stand C22 D21

This Swiss company develops and produces high-quality laundry machines, systems and system solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers. National and international sales are supplemented by professional services. Schulthess appliances feature high functionality, performance and durability, represent premium Swiss quality and are in use around the world.


Hall 1P - Stand M21 N22

Seitz is a manufacturing leading company based in Kriftel, Germany, established in 1885.Seitz is present in more than 70 Countries around the World with its team of professional which will be happy to assist you in any possible matters. For more than 130 years, we have been helping our customers to operate even more successfully on the market. This will continue to be the case in the future.


Hall 3P - Stand B11

Sensene - an alternative solvent based on modified alcohols, is distinguished by its gentle yet high solvency power, stable formulation and its ability to simplify workflow since less pre-spotting and finishing efforts are required. It is also inherently biodegradable and equals an environmentally responsible way of drycleaning, says the company.


Hall 3P - Stand D01

Sidi Mondial is a leading manufacturer of pressing and finishing equipment with a wide range including ironing tables, presses for laundry and dry cleaning, shirt finishers, formers of any kind, spotting tables and cabinets, trouser toppers and steam generators.


Hall 3P G21

Over 350 laundries throughout Europe and the Middle East rely on TIKOS. Textile service providers from a wide range of sectors trust SoCom as a reliable partner. Innovative software products and modern app and web solutions make us your partner for the future orientation in the context of digitalisation. Start with us into the future of laundry 4.0.


Hall 3P - Stand U02 V01

Stahl Wäschereimaschinen will showcase its commercial laundry machines. Whether professional washing machines, dryers, drying cabinets, ironers or folding machines: At the Stahl booth, trade visitors will receive comprehensive information and advice on the diverse Stahl product range.

Laundries and drycleaners can use Stahl commercial laundry technology to clean their daily laundry hygienically, gently and quickly. All Stahl machines are characterised by their durability, reliability and energy efficiency.


Hall 1P - Stand N09 P10

Thermopatch is the market leader in the world of labeling, transfers and emblems on textiles. Innovative products and services since 1934. Meet innovative services and discover the unprecedented possibilities, says Thermopatch.


Hall 1P - Stand M19 N20

Thermlotex is a supplier of high quality products for professional textile marking and finishing. For more than 30 years, it has offered professional machines, supplies and services for textile marking. Based on experience, know-how and sound quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, the Thermotex company has become one of the leading suppliers on the European market.


Hall 1P - Stand P11 R20

Tolon is the most innovative stand-alone laundry eq uipment manufacturer with a leading market share in heavy-duty laundries through the Jensen-Group brand. Since 2016, Tolon is an official partner of the Jensen-Group. Tolon is going from being the local market leader with a start-up in 1937 to becoming a global brand in OPL and Coin.

Due to Tolon’s success we are building a global distribution and sales system in order to continuously create the best value for customers by helping them with innovative solutions and services.

Tolon exports its equipment all over the world from the production facility in Izmir, Turkey and has sales and support offices in Europe, United States and the Middle East.

By means of its experienced sales team, after-sales network, servicing department and its domestic and overseas representatives, Tolon is represented through a distribution network around the world.

The full range of state-of-the-art equipment is especially designed to withstand difficult and extreme working environments in different market segments, such as hotel laundries, commercial laundries, hospital laundries and other OPL applications as well as coin operations.


Hall 1P - Stand H01

Advanced technology, research and development came together in Trevil back in 1980 to offer the cleaning, industrial laundry and garment manufacturing sectors the very best in professional finishing at the right price.

Trevil designs and produces professional equipment for garment finishing and electric steam generators for industrial use.


Hall 1P - Stand F01

Visitors will find Union’s CLOUD L the main features of which are cleaning by water mist and low temperature dry steam, with main parts made from stainless steel, Dialog microprocessor control, large loading door.


Hall 1P - Stand L19 M20

Find a wide range of machinery engineered for a variety of drycleaning machines. With capacities from 8 to 140 kg, Unisec machines guarantee durability, says the company.



Hall 1P - Stand E22


Hall 3P - Stand M22

The Veit Group with its head office in Landsberg, Germany, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of ironing equipment, fusing machines, pressing machines as well as refinishing equipment for garments.


Fiera Milano

On 20-21 October at EXPODetergo,the 5th Edition of the CINET Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) takes place. After very successful earlier editions with full conference rooms at the show in Milan and 26,000 worldwide followed the streamed edition in 2020 during Covid, Cinet decided to stage the next edition of the GBPAP this year in spite of the current crisis. The focus is on successful entrepreneurs to share their success and inspire the industry to set up new services to meet rapidly changing customer demands.

Over 100 showcases

Showcases of excellent new initiatives frlom innovative retailers and industrial textile services companies will be presented. Cinet expects over 100 participants in this programme from more than 40 countries around the globe. Cases of excellence in convenience services supported by advanced digitisation and online communication, the best sustainability, exciting new opportunities in circularity, robotisation/automation to process more effectively and efficiently and, of course, the need for more hygienic treatments in the longer run. The programme will focus on those issues with experts addressing the topics in clearly and transparently.

2022 and a sneak peek at the future

To meet customer demands, fur ther automation is inevitable. Processing at acceptable costs will step-by-step require larger volumes and accurate treatments. These days modern IT solutions are available to do this, resulting in sustainability to the highest standards and important cost savings. On demand software, modern marketing techniques and services to individual demands lead to profitable new businesses. Robotisation and automation is already in industrial processing and will create new exciting opportunities. A sneak preview of waht 2050 could look like will be provided by robotisation experts.

Improving textile Use = improving sustainability

Professional textile care according to Best Practices is the to five times more sustainable than washing at home. That is the key message to customers, governments and other stakeholders. It is a tremendous market opportunity for the industry. Optimising the usage of textiles creates an enormous additional CO2 reduction.

Intensifying of textile use = improving textile sustainability

Sustainability is a key issue in society. Professional textile care is the sustainable option, but textile services also create attractive options for an extended product lifetime and can create better circumstances for recycling. The effect of extending textile lifetime on the sustainability of textile use is immense. Very significant reductions in CO2- emissions and water consumption can be achieved by prolonging the present average lifetime of textiles in the consumer market to the technical lifetime.

Hygiene challenges in 2022 and beyond

Touches upon the two viruses that circulate globally – Covid and Monkeypox – and the way Cinet suppor ts the laundries in minimising the risks in treating contaminated textiles avoiding human transmission. This is applicable at the end user side, as well as in the laundry. The independent International Hygiene Advisory Committee reacts swiftly on any new outbreak, writes hygiene recommendations and communicates these with all Cinet members globally.


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