With several years experience at running a thriving clothing business in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, entrepreneur Cenk Errol and his family are working hard to ensure their latest venture, a new drycleaning and laundry business called JACZ, is as successful.

Cenk Erroll began his career as a garment manufacturer in Cyprus where he produced mainly ladies’ garments.

The name JACZ came from the family members who are all partners in the new venture – Jane, Arnold, Cenk and Zoe, Cenk’s wife. With their wide experience in the clothing industry, the family conceived the idea of starting their own aftercare services.

With the family about to add a second clothing outlet also, their aim is to deliver a top quality cleaning service that will complement their retail clothing outlets.

Following a request for start up training, in May this year, the SDML Consultancy & Training provided JACZ with a five-day retail drycleaning technology course. Jane and Cenk attended the course together with Tracy, a part time assistant.

Gainsborough is a small town approximately 20 miles north of Lincoln and currently undergoing major redevelopment. Disused industrial premises covering some 10 acres in the centre of town have been demolished to make way for a new shopping centre. This was seen by the Errolls as an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor at a time when the town’s retail potential is developing.

Gainsborough’s only drycleaner closed several years ago and Cenk Erroll is confident that the current expansion and redevelopment will provide a good opening for a quality drycleaning and laundry service.

The drycleaning equipment for the new venture was supplied by Renzacci and comprises of a Renzacci Planet 35 slimline machine, a Pony ironing table with ironing surface steam vacuum and air blowing, a Pony Cosmos E rotor cabinet and a Pony steam spotting table equipped with high pressure water sprays.

The laundry equipment was supplied by JLA and comprised a JLA Supa Plus 35 washer and a JLA gas fired D50 tumble drier.

A domestic washing machine has also been installed and an ironer is to be purchased in the near future. The Planet 35 machine was fitted with an activated carbon purifier after the secondary water separator to meet legal requirements.

The introduction of the secondary water separator in conjunction with the final purifier appears to have solved the problem of carryover of perchloroethylene solvent in the contact water. From a visual and odour standpoint, the contact water was solvent-free.

The shop, which was previously the town’s Job Centre, provides plenty of space for the production equipment and for any future expansion of the business. The shop fitting and decoration was mainly done by the family, and has meant a sizeable reduction in their start-up costs.

The in-depth SDML training course covered:

Counter service

Care labelling

Drycleaning practice

Stain removal

Garment finishing

The unit has been operational since 14 June this year, and turnover is said to be exceeding expectations – so much so that a further Pony ironing table is now on order.

The permission to operate certificate from the local authority only arrived the the day before the unit opened. The local pollution control officer inspected the unit during the training. She insisted that the 3litre containers of perc for the drycleaning machine had to be stored in a bund.

Receiving agents have been established in two nearby villages and a laundry service is being delivered to a hotel in the town. It is hoped to progressively increase the number of agents.