About us

Why LCN (UK) and LCNi (International) is the first choice for leading textile care professionals

Laundry and Cleaning News has been publishing since 1885* and is the leading publication globally for the textile care industry with news, comment and letters, plus marketing, product and technical features and articles about legislation, and business management.

It covers all sectors of the industry  –  laundry, textile rental, healthcare, hospitality and industrial, retail drycleaning as well as the OPL and launderette sectors. 

Laundry and Cleaning News publishes 11 issues each year with international (LCNi) and UK (LCN) editions appearing in alternate months. In addition, it produces special issues for international exhibitions. The journal is subscription-based, and subscribers receive all national and international editions, exhibition specials and a yearbook listing products and services, suppliers’ names and addresses, and other useful details.

LCN first published as Laundry Journal in 1885 and changed the title over the years to Power Laundry before finally settling on Laundry and Cleaning News to represent all sectors of textile care.

Our regular in-depth features

  • Material Solutions, by LTC Worldwide’s Richard Neale will target issues concerning linen rental businesses as well as OPL in healthcare and hospitality, enabling best practice in linen management across the board.

  • What Went Wrong extends into the wetcleaning arena as well as drycleaning to help retail businesses identify and deal with problems and issues when processing textiles.

  • Trade Secrets gives the lowdown and heads- up on specialist drycleaning in monthly training

Sessions by Roger Cawood

  • Howard’s Way will continue to entertain and divert as we draw on Howard Bradley’s long experience in retail drycleaning.

  • Our country Spotlight which appears in international editions, will focus on different textile care markets around the world.

As well as our popular regular features, LCN will also be ferreting out news, views and innovation around the industry when and where it happens.

The 2024 LCNi offering will also include Clean Cruising and Hotel OPL, finely targeting the cruise laundry and on-premises hotel and healthcare laundry markets as well as the annual buyers guide.