Explaining a disappointing cleaning result is never straightforward, especially when the customer believes that the cleaner is trying to evade responsibility for a cleaning mistake.

The cleaner may only have one chance to convince the customer of the real culprit, so it is important to be able to recognise the fault and to have the full and correct explanation ready.

This month’s article looks at some complaints which can originate from natural flaws – faults which may be attributed to the unfortunate animal that first owned the fleece or, in certain cases, to sheer incompetence on the part of the garment manufacturing community, now too often shielded by several thousand miles and a language barrier.

Ink stains remain on shirt

Fault: An ink stain remained on a blue shirt afterdrycleaning.
Technical cause: The dyes to the blue shirt started to move when the cleaner tested the fabric with the standard ink remover, so the wise decision was not to attempt any more pre-treatment.
Responsibility: The cleaner has discharged his responsibility by attempting removal and halting treatment when the risk exceeded the prospects for improvement. The responsibility for the stain remains with the owner.