British laundry chemical manufacturer Rexodan celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It has built a high reputation in the UK and in worldwide markets, currently exporting to over 50 countries.

In 1988, just seven years after its foundation, Rexodan won the Queen’s Award to Industry for Export Achievements. The company’s British credentials are important in its sales platform, internationally as well as at home, and the Union Jack on its packs underlines the British manufacture.

For both its home and export markets Rexodan has followed a policy of developing effective and cost effective chemicals, made at its home site to consistently high standards, and sound service.

In the UK it has built up a strong customer base in the commercial laundry and OPL sectors and has won some prestigious contracts including a recent one with HM Prisons to supply all prisons with a laundry in England and Wales.

Customers benefit from strong technical and engineering support. including the ability to advise on areas such as wash systems and to devise energy saving ways of working.

As laundries move more and more to tunnel washers, it finds its expertise in this area is increasingly in demand.

The company’s engineers and technicians cover the country and all are experienced in laundry operations.

A full survey is carried out at the start of the contract and regular technical and engineering back-up visits are built into the plan.These are carried out by the same team, wherever possible and the support teams have built up a good rapport with the customers.

A similar strategy is followed internationally. It deals mainly though a network of distributors many of whom have worked with Rexodan for 15 years or more and who can receive advice, technical and engineering support from the UK. As well as the standard range, Rexodan manufactures specific export products to satisfy different market requirements.

In 2004 it established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong to sell to the Chinese market, The set up mirrors that in the UK, and indeed the office reports to Mark Allsebrook, commercial manager in the UK. The products are all shipped from the UK – there is no manufacturing in China.

Rexodan has its own lab where products are developed. It has produced some innovative systems and has designed dosing systems for both liquids and powders. The Powder Dosing Unit (PDU) can be connected to any size, make or type of tunnel washer or washer-extractor.

Rexodan’s patented design results in a system that can, uniquely, supply both types with one unit and is able to feed up to 16 machines at the same time, thus avoiding any queuing and interruptions to productivity. The PDU is used in conjunction with liquid feeds for ancillary product and both use the same control system.

Another example of innovation is the low temperature wash system which has been on the market for two years now.

Rexodan’s manufacturing standards are stringent and carried out to EU Standards.

Raw materials must pass strict quality and performance tests and samples of raw materials for each batch are kept with the batch number. Every batch manufactured is tested in the quality control labs to check the specification.

Having already achieved much, Rexodan looks to the future and to expanding its customer base in the UK and internationally. its British manufacture and its ability to develop products and systems will continue to build its reputation.