Bryant Plastics has been supplying the laundry industry with its “Although we are the UK’sleading manufacturer and supplier of Laundry cages, we don’t just do cages we do linen exchange trolley’s, barrows, skips and a whole lot more,” says Jackie Smith, quality and improvement manager at Bryant Plastics.

“We always say that we talk to our customers and work with them to develop the best products and solutions for them, that’s why we have a range of linen cages, trucks and barrows .”

Bryant Plastics was recently asked to come up with a solution for a Llrge NHS organisation which had an issue with staff illness due to back pain,. The company talked to managers and staff, looked at the laundry and how they worked in it and developed a self-levelling cage. The comncept has now that has now been incorporated into the laundry.

“The staff love the cages to work with and their manager loves them because the sickness absence rate within the laundry has significantly reduced,” says Bryant. “We have a video on our YouTube channel watch?v=yjNDXme33wE.

Bryant also desgns, manufactures and supplies self-levelling barrows of all different sizes to accommodate different loads for different machines from small to large.

“We value our customers. It’s great to be involved with the big laundries and we love working with them but for us working with the smaller laundries is just as rewarding. It gives us a real buzz when we go to conferences or even on holiday and we see out products at work in hotels all over the country,” says Bryant.

“I recently had a trip to Accident and emergency and they sat me down in big room right next to a Bryant Plastics linen exchange trolley. During the pandemic we supplied all the Nightingale Hospitals with them.”

Bryant Plastics has been supplying cages to many NHS trusts throughout the UK during the pandemic and has assisted in setting up many of the emergency field hospitals.

Made from 100% virgin plastic, the cages are fully recyclable at end of their long life – Bryant has instances of cages still in service after 15 years.

“Our vision is to produce world leading, innovative products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our customers in industry, healthcare, retail and the building trades are more than just purchasers of our products, technologies and services they are also our partners. Together with them, we develop solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our solutions also increase the quality and sustainability of the products that our customers offer to their customers.” uk

Global reach

Meanwhile, JFC, headquartered at Tuam, County Galway in the Republic of Ireland, says hings have changed a lot in the past 35 years and in that time, JFC Group’s commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the material handling industry hasn’t wavered. JFC Material Handling manufactures and supplies laundries globally with ergonomically engineered distribution and spring lift trolleys.

JFC Group recently marked 35 years of business with a celebration held at the Clayton Hotel, Galway, bringing over 200 of its guests together from its facilities across Europe.

Cathal Fitzpatrick, JFC Material Handling’s divisional sales manager, who received an award for 30 years of service with the company, said: “JFC Group is a highly innovative company that strives to continuously improve the laundry industry. Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed us to serve the global laundry industry and maintain a dominant market position.”

Headquartered in Ireland with production sites and offices in the UK and mainland Europe, this family-owned business was set up by entrepreneur and philanthropist John F Concannon with his wife Patricia, brother Colm and business partner Brendan Morrin more than 35 years ago.

JFC Material Handling says that its trolleys are developed using pioneering technology to produce products with superior strength and durability. JFC’s trolleys are available bespoke to customers’ design requirements including options for mould in company logos, screen-printed curtains, a range of colours, handle options, closures, castors and more.

JFC Group said it would like to thank its customers and employees for their dedication and continued support over the last 35 years. JFC Group will continue to work hard in providing innovative solutions for all its customers.

Find out more about JFC Group’s range of material handling products here.

Bespoke linings

Family-owned DRM Industrial Fabrics, based in Bury, Lancashire, supplies the textile care industry with its British-made products ranging from laundry bags and hampers to ironer clothing and springing, laundry transport (trolleys, liners, covers and monorail bags) and other textile care necessities, including expert ironer respringing and re-clothing services.

2023 promises to be another year of growth for DRM with one area being the manufacture and supply of cage liners.

Peter McGuinness, director of DRM, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020, tells LCN: “We are one of the leading suppliers of laundry hampers, bags, cage liners and cage covers in the UK with many products designed and manufactured at our Bury head office. We use innovation to innovate.”

“DRM offers full account management coverage in the UK and Ireland and has strong relationships with many of the leading laundry groups.

“Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at DRM and our inhouse research and development, and technical teams allow DRM to be at the forefront of product development for our customers.

McGuinness admits he is proud of DRM’s quick response to callouts and order fulfilment which all helps to limit any unnecessary downtime for businesses and he believes this aspect of DRM customer service has led to an upsurge in enquiries. “Stock is continually replenished allowing us to provide a good service and fast turnaround. And we dispatch our own products from our own warehouse so no third parties are involved. With local businesses, or if it is ultraurgent, customers can collect from us direct otherwise items are sent by courier. We endeavour to provide next day service wherever possible.”

“Clients range from NHS trusts and commercial laundries to private hospitals and care home groups. DRM manufactures products in bespoke solutions for any special requirements. Offering customers a full design service and technical support while the item is in service. Standard sizes and finishes are held in stock for immediate despatch. All laundry products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards.,” says McGuiness.

“We work with our customers and are extremely flexible in our approach which means bespoke items are easy for us to set up and produce alongside off-the-shelf items.

“Because of the recent spate of laundry fires (2018 was notable for many instances of spontaneous combustion in a long hot summer) we are now looking into fire retardant covers. And, after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, people have become more aware of cage covers as a fire suppressor and this is especially true for the NHS. There is a similar demand safeguarding instruments – we recently put some into a foundry.” ­