Ajax was a pioneer in developing and launching shirt pressing machines systems consisting of three units – cuff and collar, sleeve and body press in the 1960s and was one of the top brands in the USA where it is still very well-known brand. Ajax sold and installed many finishing machines in drycleaners to all over the world as a subsidiary of American Laundry. Unfortunately, Ajax declined in the 1990s and Sankosha subsequently took over the brand in 2006.

There are still many machines from the original Ajax brand in the market, especially in Asian countries where it is still a famous brand. Sankosha intended to launch new Ajax models just after it acquired the brand, however, the market was in decline due to the 2008 financial crisis.

Nevertheless, Ajax models were relaunched by a third company under Sankosha’s license in China and South East Asia after the crisis but the business size was inconsiderable.

JJ Sugishima, general manager overseas sales division, explains that Sankosha was still determined to do something with the brand. “We at Sankosha determined to re-launch the Ajax brand ourselves as a second brand targeting Ajax models to the hospitality market as replacements for old Ajax units or as new installations to new-build hotels. Four new Ajax models debuted at Clean EXPO 2019 in Jakarta followed by a further 10 models at Texcare Asia Shanghai 2019.

Today, Sankosha has 16 models under the Ajax brand. “The concept for the new Ajax models concept is to offer fundamental functionalities that ensure good finishing quality that is nearly equal to Sankosha brand models at affordable prices.

Of the 16 Ajax models available the unique example is ADF-010, a universal form finisher, the first Sankosha has ever had in its line-up. Blow power can be adjusted easily by moving a lever to avoid over stretcing delicate garments such as knitwear.

The ADF-050 is jacket former is similar to Sankosha’s old model CN-50, which was the bestseller model around 2000 and is very simple to operate.

The ADP-610 legger press has simple functionality with auto-mode so an operator does not need any special techniques. The ADP-610 has two lines with the 610T. 610 requires central vacuum connection while 610T has builtin vacuum functionality. A slim table model, ADP-420, is also available as a utility press.

Ironing table ASP-100, puff table ASP- 200, and spotting table ASR-200 have been added to the Ajax line, all of which are firsts for Sankosha.

In addition to the models above, a simple shirt body press, simple cuff collar press and simple pants topper are also included in the Ajax line. Additionally, hot head presses which have been produced and sold as Ajax by Sankosha previously have been added to the new Ajax line-up with a new cosmetic design and colour.