Casualwear is the fastest area of growth in the workwear market. The trend is evident for all to see in the working environment at large. Up to the present, only garments suited to domestic laundering have been available and therefore the natural route to this market sector has been through resellers rather than renters.

Full rental contracts have not been an option and the natural reluctance of many rental companies to sell garments has prevented the industry from exploiting this potentially profitable trend. However, this is no longer the case, as the ID Textiles’ range of industrially-launderable casualwear bears witness.

Industry standard

At this month’s Texcare 2000 exhibition in Frankfurt, ID Textiles will be launching the Pontella Fleece™ and the Pontella Sweat™ to complement the already popular Pontella Polo™. This unique polo shirt has already become the industry standard for full-rental casualwear contracts.

The Pontella® casualwear garments are exclusive to ID Textiles and as managing director Jeremy White says, “They are the new generation of uniform and are the perfect vehicle for profit. Each of the Pontella® casualwear ranges gives exceptional textile performance, which allows the textile renter to concentrate on the customers and service quality”.

All three of the Pontella® casualwear ranges have the same wearer benefits. They are extremely durable and can undergo many industrial wash cycles, allowing for much longer garment rental contracts, not normally associated with casualwear.

Knitted fabrics

Most launderers are familiar with Pontella woven fabrics, with their legendary longevity; but how has this benefit transposed itself into this new knitted range, whilst, at the same time, achieving the kind of comfort demanded from casualwear? The answer is far from simple, and some of the reasons are shrouded in mystery. The clever use of macro and monofilament Pontella® yarns to make the fabric is the starting point for performance and comfort. Specialised knitting techniques achieve this high comfort factor without allowing the development of pilling, shrinkage or spirality (normally associated with polyesters). The use of only the best dye-stuffs guarantees shade retention second to none and expert finishing enhances the comfort even further.

By taking this unique fabric range, ID Textiles manufactures the garments to an uncompromising standard for wearer comfort through style and fit.

Commercial laundering

Specifically, intended for commercial processes, the Pontella Polo, Sweat and Fleece are ideal for commercial laundries. These garments can be industrial washed, tunnel finished and/or tumble dried, using guidelines laid down in their ‘Best Practices Manual’. They can also be thermally disinfected by washing at 75°C. This is unheard of with traditional casualwear.

The whole ID Textiles’ Pontella range passes the European ‘Comforto’ standard for personal comfort and is designed to allow perspiration to quickly and completely leave the fabric with a triple action effect.

How exactly does this particular Pontella® fabric qualify for ‘Comforto’? Excessive heat build-up is suppressed by exceptional ventilation through the fabric. Indeed even when wet, the garment continues to maintain its breathable qualities and no matter how wet it becomes, the garment will not stick to the skin, giving complete comfort and freedom of movement. In addition, the specially knitted monofilament yarn prevents the inner surface of the fabric feeling cold against the skin, and all the above-mentioned points go to attaining the ‘Comforto’ standard.


The final ingredient in this profit search is to personalise or decorate the garments for the user company and/or the wearer. The people at ID Textiles are expert at meeting this requirement through the provision of direct embroidery and/or transfers in their purpose-built facility. Whether it be for the original large order or for small-quantity run-ons, the company offers an unrivalled service.

The unique ability for these casualwear garments to withstand commercial laundering processes, coupled with the ID Textiles’ in-house service for direct embroidery and transfers, has already meant that many companies are seeing the benefits of using the Pontella® casual range in their designs for uniforms.

The garments do not fade, so both new starters and their long-serving colleagues will have clothes of similar appearance. They are low linting, making them suitable for the electronics and food industries and, compared with similar types of clothing, are unequalled in many of their benefits, including the degree of comfort and longevity. When it comes to customer satisfaction, wearer comfort and the all important bottom line, ID Textiles’ casual Pontella® range is the only range of clothing to be considered. Garment rental will never be the same again, let ID Textiles make sure you make the right move.