PKL, alongside its core business of providing temporary kitchens to the hospitality and events sector also provides mobile and portable laundries. Since the onslaught of Covid-19 it has seen more demand for laundry pods than catering units, which means the company, thinking on its feet, quickly realised it could adapt its warewashing pods very quickly to laundry needs, thereby giving a quicker response.

In the UK, PKL most recently helped a Liverpool care home with 30 rooms during a refurbishment of its laundry facilities. The company provided a 6×3 metre laundry unit for the hire which was delivered by small flatbed delivery vehicle and installed in a matter of hours. The units contained Girbau washers and dryers from PKL’s extensive hire fleet. Girbau is a long-term partner of PKL for its laundry units which it says it chose for their reliability and ease of use.

The deployment lasted three weeks and allowed the home to maintain its washing processes without disruption. Collection was quick and easy and caused no disruption to the day-to-day operations of the home.

Every deployment is unique: each laundry unit is individually prepared for the client to suit the needs of the site. A member of the PKL team visits the site before delivery to ensure the right vehicles and staffing are in place to ensure a safe and efficient process for installation and operation.

Large fleet

Thanks to its large fleet of appropriate units and equipment, PKL can respond quickly to the needs of a client, from first enquiry to delivery and operation can take as little as a week.

On the international scene PKL’s TransWorld (TW) laundry module concept has long been used at mining, oil and gas exploration camps, construction sites/camps, military camps, remote site catering and refugee camps, as temporary, relocatable or permanent facilities.

Available as a modular or ISO rated facility each module contains high capacity machines, which are ideal for the heavy usage expected in camps. The washer/dryer laundry machines use single phase electrics and are self-heating, so no external hot water is required. Each washer and each dryer has a 10kg capacity per cycle, with each cycle lasting 40 minutes. Assuming a complete wash and load cycle time of 60 minutes, each washer dryer machine will process 100kg of washing per day, based on a 10 hour working day.

This laundry module design includes six washers and six dryers, so will therefore process a total of 600kg per day or 4,200kg per week. Assuming each person has 12kg of washing per week, this laundry unit can cater for a camp of up to 350 men.

Meanwhile, Domus asks: “ Are you thinking about starting a self-service laundry business and don’t have premises? Do you organise events and need a mobile laundry so you can move it from one place to another?” if thr answer is ye to either of those questons s the company believes it can offer the perfect solution. “From now on, thanks to the Clean&Move modules, you can have a transportable selfservice laundry with the latest generation machinery. We have different modules available, such as the CUBE module, which offers a mobile self-service laundry that is 3.5 metres long, with a public area enclosed with glass walls, as well as a transit area which is always open; or the HAT model, with identical features except that it has no glass walls, simply a roof that juts out for users’ protection. In both cases, you will be able to choose between two interior configurations, the HPL and the DHS, with different columns and spaces for the installation of the machines.

Then there are the fully customisable modules, according to the requirements, needs and requests of each client, which offer the possibility of being larger than standard and containing all types of machinery and accessories desired.

Custom design

The standard module is made to house all types of laundry machines. It has a very light design, and its structure is transparent, making it possible to see what is happening inside at all times. The machines are easy to handle, versatile, efficient and do not require a lot of maintenance. A safe investment for any business which quickly pays for itself, according to Domus.

Additional options for Personalization

Domus offers other options to complete the personalisation of your module, like colour of the structure, accessories and so on.

  • Water heating system (electrical,
  • Natural gas or propane gas)
  • Propane gas pack
  • Air conditioning
  • Two-leaf door
  • Access ramp for the disabled
  • Extra ventilation grille
  • Domotic
  • Stainless steel structure

The module is designed for transportation with the machines inside.

The machines are levelled at the top and therefore some of the plinths will need to be manufactured in the container. This design will also require automatic dosing to be installed (by the proprietor). The machines are anchored to the floor for safety and security.

Install anywhere

These mobile laundry modules have been designed to be installed anywhere. They aim to respond to the needs of different situations and businesses, such as campsites, large events, festivals, supermarkets, petrol stations, military. Furthermore, Domus will accompany you throughout the entire process, “from planning to fine tuning, technical support or choosing the washing machines. You don’t need to worry about a thing, that’s our job”.

Operating synergies

Girbau, too, has a wide range of mobile laundries that “become the best solution to generate new operating synergies for a business, whether it is a petrol station, a supermarket, a hotel, a service area or a campsite,” says the company.

“Mobile Laundry is a transportable and adaptable self-service laundry concept. It is a versatile 360º solution created for installation in commercial areas, supermarkets and other establishments such as petrol stations, hotels and campgrounds, thanks to its unique features.”

Its sturdy structure does not require the use of lifting beams for transport and the high-quality materials allow for cost-effective durability and weather resistance, so it can be installed anywhere. In addition, the electrical, plumbing and gas installations in the Mobile Laundry are made of high-quality materials, optimised for easy maintenance and arranged to make the best use of space.

Girbau’s Mobile Laundry range is divided between mini and standard and both allow different combinations to adapt and customise the containers according to the customer’s needs without having to think about a complex installation; it is only necessary to connect the machines to an electrical outlet and to have a water supply and drainage.

Currently, all Girbau’s Mobile Laundry models are equipped with the latest technological innovations and connectivity, such as Sapphire, Girbau’s intelligent remote control software for laundry management or DMP (Disinfection Monitoring Package), the pioneering solution created by Girbau specifically to guarantee hygiene and disinfection in laundries.