Rick Kelly, marketing director at Pellerin Milnor Corp, says that selecting the right machinery is critical to saving on labour costs down the road.

“It’s very important that machines now be able to process more work in the same amount of space – or less,” Kelly says. “Choosing more productive machines will help laundries keep up with higher demands without spending more on labour costs.” If properly maintained, high-quality laundry machinery can deliver consistent and reliable service, Kelly says.

“It’s important to select machinery that can accommodate your organisation’s growth as part of a long-term plan. Preventive maintenance, either through in-house engineering staff or an authorised service dealer, can also assure against machine downtime and help increase machine life.” Suspended models feature advanced design Milnor’s suspended washer-extractors boost washroom production, save overtime costs and conserve floorspace because fewer machines are needed. These units increase productivity through larger cylinders that allow more goods to be washed than in other machines. There are several Milnor suspended models available, ranging in capacity from 25kg to 12kg (55lb to 275lb) capacity A cushion-mounted suspension system helps eliminate vibration, and a distribution speed helps prevent out-of-balance loads that can require stopping spin cycles.

These models also offer a choice of two controls. The J-series models feature the E-P Plus control with 30 programmable formulas and language options. The W-series models uses the Mark V control with 100 programmable formulas and numerous programming steps for detailed control over every step of the wash process. The E-P Plus model delivers six speeds that permit a variety of fabrics to be processed. The Mark V model has programmable speeds. The Mark V control is compatible with Mildata plant data reporting systems.

Capacities include: l 30022 F8J or F8W – 25kg to 27kg (55lb to 60lb) l 36030 F8J or F8W – 50kg to 52kg (110lb to 115lb) l 42032 F7J or F7W – 75kg to 77kg (165lb to 170lb) l 48080 models – 125kg (275lb).

The 48040 washer-extractors are available with choice of E-P Plus or Mark V control and optional two-way tilt.

The cylinder’s larger perforated area in these machines allows better wash quality, better rinsing and better extraction. Cylinder ribs are high and provide excellent lifting. Pre-programmed wash formulas are easy to select through user-friendly controls. Microprocessors also allow for formula modification.

The machines use an inverter drive that provides all speeds from only one single-speed motor. The dynamically tuned suspension in these machines is based on designs used in Milnor’s 340kg (750lb) capacity washer-extractors. The centre of mass is located where an imbalance would occur. Dynamic forces are evenly applied for minimum vibration – providing smooth extraction and less wear and tear. This feature also contributes to greater output because it prevents out-of-balance loads that require stopping-and-recycling.

Barrier machines for healthcare laundries Milnor’s open-pocket Staph-Guard washer-extractors boost washroom production in healthcare laundries through innovative cylinder design and a space-saving size.

The new Staph-Guard machines are more productive because there are fewer doors to load and unload the machines compared to a divided cylinder. Goods are loaded on the soiled side through a single inner door and unloaded through one door on the clean side. The minimal footprint conserves valuable floorspace, making them ideal where space is limited.

Smaller dryers feature new Fire Suppression System The Milnor line of small dryers now boasts an exclusive new feature called the Fire Suppression System (FSS), raising washroom safety to a new standard.

With FSS, a sensor within the dryer can detect high heat or fire conditions. The sensor activates a water jet that can extinguish the flames.

According to the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the institutional laundry industry in the USA between 1994 and 1998 reported an average of 2,240 fires and US$8.1million in direct property damage each year.

The dryers offer a range of load sizes and all of them provide high productivity by drying quickly. High heat input and airflow rates enhance efficiency. Large baskets allow free tumbling and better exposure to hot air for fast drying. Durable construction leads to long life.

These dryers also use the Phase 7 microprocessor that offers six pre-set dry cycles that are all reprogrammable. Automatic drying helps prevent overdrying and a programmable cooldown mode guards against wrinkles. On some models, a lint drawer monitor automatically prompts the operator to clean the lint drawer. The dryer uses direct spark ignition for a fast and economical method of firing. It also features built-in troubleshooting.

Capacities for the full line of smaller dryers include: 25kg, two separate 34kg models (one fits through a 915mm door), 36kg, 43kg, 54kg, 80kg and 86kg.