“To provide the right service, it is necessary to have the right people in the right place with the right training and right amount of availability,” says Chris Ducker, chairman of Ducker UK.

This is the personnel goal of the company, he adds, stating “We have a broad spectrum of staff who are customer-orientated and who have a whole range of abilities.

“We are committed to long-term training and personnel development. Staff are an investment—customers appreciate a company having continuity of staff.” Ducker UK has 18 personnel, nine of whom are engaged in customer support and engineering. Three of the remainder are involved in sales consultancy, three in administration and three in management.

Ducker UK has adopted information technology systems from sister company Ducker Engineering and this has meant that the administration side of the new business is being kept “lean”.

Mr Ducker says his role is “to fill in where required and to assist in all aspects of the company and its direction. The whole team makes the decisions.” Martin Bull is managing director of Ducker UK—he was formerly sales director of its other sister company, Supertrack. Mr Bull has a vast knowledge, built up over 27 years, of the textile care sector. He has helped design total laundry systems in many countries. Supertrack’s management team has developed substantial strength, Mr Ducker says, allowing Mr Bull’s transfer to Ducker UK.

Lisa Crossley is Ducker UK’s company secretary and retains her roles as managing director of Ducker Engineering, which she joined 10 years ago, and financial director of the Ducker group.

Selwyn Burchhardt, who, with Grasco, built up a comprehensive knowledge of Kannegiesser equipment and who is an expert in the application of feeding and folding technology, has joined the Ducker UK sales consultancy team.

Paul Marsden, from Passat, is heading Ducker UK’s customer support service, installation programmes and the spare parts department.

Also from Passat is Andrew Cartwright, who has been in the laundry sector for eight years. He has a sales consultancy role with Ducker UK.

Stuart Rigby, who has been with Ducker Engineering for 11 years, and who has a broad knowledge of garment processing, has joined the Ducker UK sales consultancy team.

Mr Ducker says: “Launching Ducker UK has meant long hours and hard work, but that is part of the fun. I’ve been on a learning curve—going into new areas—which I enjoy.” With the new company moving forwards, he relishes having time to organise a programme of customer contacts and appointments. He also looks forward to scouting for further business opportunities.