Setting up the Food Standards Agency will lead to tougher controls for food production and processing and rightly so. Workwear rental companies serving the food industry will have to meet more stringent standards and produce the evidence that they are doing so. Investment will be needed, costs will rise.

The prospect presents opportunities as well as posing problems. A premium standard should command a premium price. As a leading workwear provider has recognised, there is also the chance to offer tiered, branded services tailored to the customer’s needs.

Food safety legislation could widen in its scope, creating more business for rental laundries willing to invest in the right equipment and adopt new procedures.

Such arguments sound convincing, but a nagging doubt remains. Industries pay lip-service to the slogan, better quality, better prices, but the discounting still continues. Players of all sizes join in, arguing that they have no choice. The new food industry legislation presents an opportunity, let us make sure that it brings more profit.