Alex Reid, the Leicester-based supplier of laundry and drycleaning products, has announced two strategic alliances this month, with Parrisianne Dry Cleaning Solutions and The Professionals Choice.
Parrisianne is one of the leading UK drycleaning machinery suppliers and the new partnership gives Alex Reid UK sub-distribution rights for the entire range of Union equipment. Parrisianne are the only UK distributor of Union products, part of the Italian FMB Group.
In addition an agreement has made with The Professionals Choice, which will allow Alex Reid to offer the laundry trade enhanced access to the range of washing, drying and wetcleaning machinery produced by Primus, now part of Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS). This new partnership will strengthen the ties between the two companies, who will work together to support the brand.
The alliances will work to each party’s strengths, with customers benefitting from an enhanced product selection and the very best in machine maintenance and support, said Stuart Fullerton, general manager at Alex Reid.

ALLIANCE: Primus T13 Industrial Dryer