In most cases these symbols and any additional instructions can be relied upon and, if followed, will ensure that a garment will respond satisfactorily to drycleaning.

However, irrespective of the care label, some finishes and/or effects, can create problems for the cleaner. These components include thermal linings, flock prints and glitter effects all of which may be on garments or household goods carrying circle labels. The rubbery coating which is characteristic of a curtain’s thermal lining is prone to deterioration in the folds of the curtain that are exposed to sunlight. During drycleaning the weakened coating may be partially removed or even stripped off and this has the potential to cause severe problems in the machine.

With age and wear, flock prints and glitter effects can suffer a deterioration in the bond between the effect and the garment resulting in a total or partial loss during cleaning.

There will always be some loss of glitter that is very lightly attached to the fabric and there is a substantial risk that the removed glitter will become embedded in other textiles in the load. This embedded glitter is often impossible to remove, so the cleaner has to compensate the customer.

Testing for the risks described is not possible and to it may be wise to decline such items to avoid upsetting customers later.