The results show a 17% rise in turnover for textile service to DKK925.5million (US$106.9million) with organic growth accounting for 5.9%. Operating profit before amortisation of goodwill rose by 16.6% to DKK68.1million (US$7.8million).

The results put Berendsen on schedule to achieve its published expectations for 2001 with turnover expected to be DKK3.8-3.9billion (US$0.4-0.45billion), including 5.6% organic growth.

In May Berendsen acquired two Swedish laundries, AB Rönnhagens Tvattrattning in Falkenberg and Torupstvätten AB in Torup. Both are independent operations supplying textile services to the area’s healthcare sector and also serving hotels and restaurants.

They have a combined turnover of around SEK37million (US$3.4million). The move will help to establish Berendsen in the Halland district and so strengthen its position in south and west Sweden.

Staff working in the two companies have been offered continued employment by Berendsen.