Berendsen, the textile and laundry services provider to hotels and hospitals across the UK, is promoting improved road safety for cyclists and pedestrians in London and has invested in a successful pilot project at its Merton site.

The company worked with a leading telematics solution provider to fit a number of its heavy goods vehicles with effective safety equipment. This included side and rear view cameras that are linked to an in-cab monitor allowing enabling the driver to view live images of the road users around the vehicle.
Audible warning pods have been fitted to both sides of the vehicles and will warn other road users when the driver intends to turn either left or right. Road safety is a key concern in London.

Berendsen, which relies on its HGVs to transport large volumes of linen around the capital, also provides its drivers with frequent training and safety briefings on how minimise risks to other road users.

Following a successful trial period, Berendsen will now roll out the safety technology across the fleet of vehicles at its Merton laundry.