Customers of Broadbent Laundry Systems visited the Weir factory in Chepstow, South Wales. Weir is a BLS marketing partner.

The range of machines demonstrated included the Vacfeed 29 flatwork feeder and the Autoprep linen preparation machine.

Weir and Broadbent will be working closely to market the equipment throughout the UK and Ireland. From left to right the photograph shows: Chris Leeper (BLS sales manager), Tony Allen (BLS sales engineer), Nick Mitchell (BLS internal sales co-ordinator), Mike Howell (Weir technical engineering manager), Steven Childs (BLS sales development), Alastair Norman (Weir sales operations manager), Paul Crookes (BLS sales engineer), Andrew Waugh (Weir Engineering), Simon Marmont (Weir senior supervisor). BLS has also appointed Mr. Paul Crookes to the position of regional sales engineer (North). and Steven Childs as UK technical sales development engineer.