Carrington Textiles will exhibit a range of flame retardant (FR) products at Intersec Expo in Dubai. The event, which takes place at the International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 21 – 23 January, will showcase the latest products and innovations in the security, safety and fire protection market.

Carrington will exhibit two of the latest additions to its award-winning FR range at the event – Flameban Max 310 and Flamestat Satin 225. They will be featured alongside Carrington’s general workwear range.

Flameban Max 310 is a breakthrough protective fabric that possesses both hi-vis and FR qualities while remaining lightweight, durable and capable of undergoing high temperature industrial laundry washing. It is also the only flame retardant fabric to meet Network Rail standards for both weight and hi-vis protection.

Flamestat Satin 225 is a multifunctional flame retardant workwear fabric designed to meet today’s increasing multipurpose garment requirements.