Philippe Audouin, a member of the supervisory board since 4 October 2007 representing Eurazeo, has informed Elis that he resigned from his board duties, effective from 14 December 2017. This resignation follows the announcement by Eurazeo on 5 October 2017 regarding the sale of part of its stake in Elis, reducing Eurazeo’s interest to below 15%.

Thierry Morin, chairman of the supervisory board, took note of this resignation and thanked Philippe Audouin for his contribution to the proceedings of the supervisory board.

In accordance with the investment agreement entered into between Elis and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) on 7 June 2017, CPPIB has the right to propose the designation of a member of Elis’ supervisory board provided that its shareholding in the company is at least equal to 8% of its share capital. The board’s nomination and compensation committee will consider the proposed candidacies.