China: The name of Machinery and Electric Products Co. of Chengdu has been changed to CAC Laundry Equipment Co. Ltd. The company is a subsidiary of Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group Corporation of China and is mainly engaged in developing and making laundry equipment using advanced production facilities to ISO9001 and 9002 quality assurance.

It has an annual output of 10,000-laundry machines with 6 ranges and over 50 different specifications. CAC is the largest manufacturer of drycleaning machines, finishing equipment, washer, dryer, flatwork feeders and folders in China.

The company looks forward to supplying clients with the “Chengfei” state-of-the-art products through cooperating with the global distributors and manufacturing partners.. North Americans please contact Mr. Hao You: tel 770-730-9980, fax 770-569-2719.

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