Laundry chemicals manufacturer Christeyns is proud to have contributed in the creation of the new Swiss Laundry purpose-built facility in Papworth, Cambridge.

This completely new 38,000 sq.ft facility now houses some of the most technically advanced and sustainable laundry systems in Europe and is capable of processing up to 500,000 pieces of linen per week.

Having commenced work with Swiss Laundry in 2017 to assist in the upgrade of their commercial site in Great Yarmouth, Christeyns was awarded this new contract to fit out and supply the latest facility in Cambridge.  The new contract, which will see Christeyns supporting Swiss for most of the coming decade, is worth several million pounds and encompasses the original agreement, making the two contracts co-terminus.

Christeyns won the original contract based on its innovative, groundbreaking Cool Chemistry, a patented innovation that combines equipment and chemistry to deliver improved whiteness and increased disinfection whilst washing at lower temperatures.  Cool Chemistry is being used at both facilities and is gentle on the textiles, thus prolonging the life of the linens whilst still providing excellent stain removal.

In addition to the chemistry, Christeyns have provided in excess of £500k worth of equipment. The latest auto-dosing equipment, Christeyns Flux Multi and Flux Star, provide dosing to the washer-extractors and tunnel washer with both units integrated and controlled by a Management Information System.

Laundry X-Pert, an advanced laundry management information software (MIS), helps manage and control the cost and efficiency of the laundry wash process from one central system which along with Laundry Dashboard, gives real-time insight into the productivity of both staff and processes, providing updates on current productivity against targets.

High tech water and energy handling equipment installed by Christeyns, including the Heat X Energo heat exchanger, allow Swiss to run a Zero Steam laundry where both water and energy are recycled.  This will dramatically reduce water usage per kilogram washed, and, increase the amount of water that can be re-used.  

“We are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Swiss Laundry and the Turvill family and congratulate them on the opening of their new facility,” commented Christeyns’ director Dave Aveyard.  “The equipment installed at both sites has helped position Swiss as one of the most energy efficient laundry companies in Europe.”

For Christeyns, this further solidifies its position as leader in the commercial laundry sector, whose continued focus on the environment and the challenges of providing innovative solutions offer real improvements and value for money for its customers across the UK.