CINET organised a meeting at the Electrolux Professional factory in Sweden in June as a precursor to the upcoming Growth Hacker Award at the Texcare International trade show in Frankfurt in November. Cinet is inviting companies worldwide to participate in the Growth Hacker Award which offers an opportunity to showcase innovations, gain recognition in the industry and take home €20,000 prize money to invest in the winner’s business.

The Swedish event brought together a group of professionals (partly online) from India, Japan, Canada, Greece, Hungary, Belgium and The Netherlands which led to detailed data sharing and intensive discussions about innovations in the textile care industry.

The meeting provided a platform for the companies to exchange ideas and discuss growth tactics. Attendees also toured the factory, giving a great insight the latest technologies on the production of washers and dryers by Electrolux. The meetup included a nice dinner with the leadership of Electrolux Professional laundry business unit, represented by Paolo Schira, general manager laundry division and Antonella Favaro, global 360 communication manager.

Commitment to progress

“This meet-up highlights our collective commitment to driving innovation in the textile care sector,” said Peter Wennekes, CEO of Cinet. “The participation of these diverse companies emphasizes the importance of collaboration in advancing our industry.”

Each representative from the participating companies presented a different topic which was relevant for the other participants too, such as target group personas, industry trends, logistics, pricing, growth tactics, and so on. Since the companies were not direct competitors in the market they could speak freely which led to interesting discussions.

Invitation to participate

As the Cinet World Congress & Best Practices Awards 2024 Art Texcare 2024 in Frankfurt on 8-9 November approach, Cinet invites other companies to enroll in the Growth Hacker Award. Several confirmations have already been received so it promises to be an inspiring competition. The award aims to recognise effective strategies leading to growth of the professional textile care industry by taking market share from domestic washing.