The Switch-Asia initiative was launched this month with a 2million Euro budget and will take place over four years under the supervision of the NL Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs Agriculture and Innovation.

The project involves a series of voluntary public-private partnerships and Cinet will work with the NL Agency and seven Chinese partners to develop sustainable processing in the laundry and drycleaning industry. The partners will include Chinese trade associations, research institutes and universities.

Cinet ‘s plans for 2012 also include a developing an international standard for the textile care industry. Best Practice Professional Textile Care 2012 will establish a globally accepted reference document on the sustainability of modern professional textile care operations.

Plans for the year also include work on “App Store Textile Services 2030”, an innovative research programme launched in November 2011 by Federation Textile Care Netherlands (FTN). This aims to reduce energy consumption in textile care by 80%. FTN and Cinet plan to hold an international conference, to examine research initiatives and this will probably take place in March this year.