The managers moved into an early lead but a defensive mistake left the “ever catlike” Tom Nelson powerless to prevent the traders scoring. A counter attack took the managers to 3-1, but their fourth goal, on the stroke of half time, was ruled out by referee Barry McCool (Severnside Fabrics).

Anthony Manley moved to goal due to injury but the second half also brought strong teamwork between Tom Nelson and wee Scot George Dixon to score yet more managers’ goals. Hard physical tackles led to valiant, energetic referee Barry McCool having to take firm control.

John Duffy, violently body checked by Jim Goldthorpe and Bill Cooke conceded a dubious penalty. Then irate spectator David Lambden invaded the pitch to remonstrate with Duffy.

The allied traders tired, but Steve Salt (A W Bent’s finest) put in some fine tackles. Final score: Managers 7; Traders 2. Thanks go to the ref and sponsors Powles Hunt.