Several professional cleaning processes are making a bid to replace traditional perc drycleaning, but Aerotech believes that, for various reasons, none is completely satisfactory. It has therefore developed its own solution, the Green Jet machine which uses an aqua based, “dry-wetcleaning” process. It says that after trials of more than a year, it has found that the system works extremely well on over 85% of garments brought into drycleaning stores. The Aerotech system works as follows. Major stains are first spot cleaned, with the Green Jet non-steam, air and vacuum spotting device, using non-toxic solutions. Garments are then put into the dry-to-dry Green Jet machine, which cleans and dries garments. The machine uses a unique air pulsating system to dislodge dirt and soil, de-lint garments and then injects the dry-wetcleaning solution, a water-based ecologically correct, non-toxic, anti-bacterial solution, to clean and freshen the garments. It then tumbles the load.

The process is claimed to remove most surface soil, much embedded dirt and also minor spots.

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