Dow will be focusing on its environmentally friendly closed-loop delivery system for DOWPER perc solvent and demonstrating its easy connection. A wall representing the back of a drycleaning machine with a real connection device protruding will be on show. All that is needed for connection is a one-off investment in dry disconnect couplings. Dow build in several safety features.

The dry-disconnect system provides for both solvent flow and vapour return through a single connection and prevents any liquid or vapour from escaping.

The strong, completely sealed, stainless-steel containers greatly reduce the chance of a solvent spill resulting from an accident during delivery.

The perc dispensed to the drycleaning machine is calculated, down to tenths of a pound, by the weigh platform and electronic scale on the carrying cart.

Far left: Albert Lee, of DC Central Cleaners (Brooklyn, NY), shows the dry-disconnect fixture on his machine.

Stand 2182