The PowerTrans Tunnel washer, first seen at Texcare 2000, will be featured prominently on the Kannegiesser stand. It is available in 25 – 100kg batch sizes and has become the best seller at the company’s Passat plant.

The tunnel has been built to meet the main customer requirements both in Europe and beyond and is claimed to be the first tunnel combining two different wash and transfer actions in the same machine. It uses a sturdy 4mm inner drum cylinder with large diameter and drum volumes. The PowerTrans Bottom uses a new inner drum layout without the restrictions of the archimedian screw and this design is said to avoid transfer faults. The dry transfer dramatically increases water savings and field trials record a fresh water consumption rate of 3.4 litres/kg standard hotel classification linen. The PowerTrans Top, is not limited to top transfer but uses a full 60 degree wash action.

The stand will also show the Turnex centrifugal extractor, featuring a time-saving swivel-basket operation to handle increased batch washer throughput. Unloading is fast and the machine can process polycottons in 3minutes. The integrated Baltronic-S automatic balancing system achieves a consistent rate of moisture retention.

Stand 1042