Kreussler will be introducing Clip Comfort drycleaning detergent, and presenting further developments of its Lanadol system for wetcleaning. It will also show an upgraded formulation Trebon Plus laundry detergent.

Clip Comfort has been designed for both hydrocarbon and perc machines and has all the essentials for textile care: cleaning, hygiene, antistatic properties comfort retexturing, smell absorption, machine, and a discrete perfume.

Smell adsorbents and disinfectants keep the machine clean, prevent unpleasant smells in the water separator, keep the distillate clear and provide drycleaned garments with neutral freshness. Clip Comfort prevents fluff deposits and stops fluff clogging the machine.

Lanadol, the company’s wetcleaning system comprises: Lanadol Aktiv, the ideal product for cleaning colour stabilisation and for protecting against shrinking and pilling;Lanadol Apret a retexturing auxiliary with antistatic properties which has been reformulated to give textiles, particularly woollen trousers and jackets, a better, harder feel and a fresh scent; and Lanadol Avant a pretreatment for heavily soiled and stained areas.

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