Top Grit and Top Hand waterless hand cleaners continue to be top sellers in the industry. Acquired by 20/10 Products in 1999, these well-known waterless hand cleaners are currently distributed to nearly 400 industrial launderers, which supply clean uniforms, linen and supplies to restaurants and services industries across the US and Canada.

Top Grit and Top Hand have been industry standards for decades, primarily because of their patented formulas. Top Grit contains tiny polymer microscrubbers, while Top Hand is a creamy lotion. Using either of the products before work protects hands, while the makers claim that regular use can actually heal chapped hands.

The products are sold in gallon containers and state-of-the-art dispenser systems are also available.

20/10 Products which handles all manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution for these two cleaners, also runs its own plastic bottle manufacturing plant.

It produces own-brand lines and recently introduced an industrial cleaning products line.

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