The first Clean Show under the auspices of new owner Messe Frankfurt is under way in New Orleans, USA. Messe Frankfurt, the international trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and home to TexCare International, finalised a deal last December with the Clean Show Executive Committee (CEC) to purchase the Clean Show, the largest trade fair for linen, uniform and facility services in the Western Hemisphere.

Iris Jeglitza-Moshage (pictured), senior vice president for Messe Frankfurt technical shows, told a crowded press room  on the first day of Clean 2019 that “the acquisition of Clean from John Riddle and Riddle and Associates, which has run the show since 1993, is a milestone for all of us”.

“I am honoured to develop such a wonderful successful product and we at Messe Frankfurt are going to improve and develop it further. Thanks to all who contributed to the transition period.” She paid tribute to John Riddle and explained that he was responsible for organising this year’s event.

As part of the deal, TRSA, the association for the linen, uniform and facility services industry, and its four association partners (TCATA, ALM, CLA and DLI) will maintain their close involvement with the biennial Clean Show along with Riddle and Associates.

Joseph Ricci, TRSA CEO and chair of Clean Show 2019, explained how the sale came about: “Clean Show wasn’t originally up for sale, we needed to find a company that could manage it when John Riddle retired. However, other people exhibited interest in purchasing the show and when we looked into it more we realised that Messe Frankfurt, which really understood from a quality and management standpoint, would be the best organisation to take it forward.

“Going forward we are committed to maintaining the aspects of the show that we like while improving the show to serve customers best. And that includes trade association members, and exhibitor members. We believe Messe Frankfurt is best placed to understand this.”

He added that TRSA is excited about other Messe Frankfurt events and shows and pointed to global synergies saying that the organisation already works closely with DTV (Germany) and other global trade associations, including TSA in UK.

Jeglitza-Moshage explained: “Messe Frankfurt is a sustainable long-term business responsible for staging the leading industry shows worldwide and on continents with subsidiaries across the world.

“Thirty years ago, a major show every four years worked but today with technology moving so fast, smaller events are needed. Over the past 10-15 years we have built up a network of shows around the world and built knowledge of what is needed. The youngest is Laundrex Gulf. Other established events are Texcare Asia and we recently acquired JetExpo in France. Texcare International in Frankfurt remains the main event and in 2021 we once again open our doors to the world and I look forward to meeting everyone there.”

Constantin von Vieregge, president of Messe Frankfurt North America said: “To run a show like Clean, we need a strong team on the ground in the United States, and not run it from Frankfurt. Globally, we can provide sustainable business opportunities within our established network business platforms. For example, we can connect US exporters with relevant events in other countries and organise this for them from our Atlanta offices where we maintain a portfolio of events products across North America. We must ensure exhibitors are satisfied.”

Messe Frankfurt also pledged to adhere to the established two-year Clean Show schedule with the next event in Atlanta in 2021. “Atlanta, Orlando, Las Vegas, New Orleans – that is staying the same,” said Jeglitza-Moshage.