Clean Supply has secured a national agreement with Miele as a distribution partner, specialising in its WetCare package. John Carmody, commercial director for Clean Supply said: “This is a very exciting development for us, and for the sector, we now have the ability to enhance our offer, with a complete package from start to finish, for any existing or new wetcleaner and laundry.”

Clean Supply can now offer:

• Wetcleaning training

• Kreussler wetcleaning chemicals

• Pump systems for auto dosing

• Miele wetcleaning washing machines and dryers +++

“This could not have come at a better time, as wetcleaning is fast becoming the system of choice for many drycleaners who are looking at replacing old machines or newcomers entering our industry, looking for an eco-friendlier sustainable solution,” said Carmody.

Miele has also just launched its new Benchmark range which includes the Performance Plus machines that offer optimal wetcleaning processes.

Full details of Clean Supply products and serc can be found on the Clean supply app on the App Store for i-phone and Google Store for Android.  "On the app find a complete catalogue of the company's products, pictures and prices. If you order on the app, you get 2.5% off and if you pay you get another 2.5%. Once you have registered you are downloaded your own price list," said Carmody.