The show, sponsored by SLEAT (The Society of Laundry Engineers and Allied Trades) and organised by the CEM Group, was due to take place at the Wembley Conference Centre in September 2004. However most of the key companies in the industry have told the society that they cannot take part on this occasion and SLEAT believes many of these decisions have been taken for economic reasons.

SLEAT secretary, David Hart said that it had recently become clear that the enthusiasm shown by major exhibitors at the initial meeting in September 2003 had not been maintained and the CEM Group had no option other than to cancel the show.

He said that CEM had spent a great deal of time and expense promoting the show and the society thanked them for this and hoped that it would be possible for them to be involved in future exhibitions.

Anna Wallis of CEM, the Clean UK Show director, said that the decision was difficult but the show would not be representative of an “industry show” and therefore could not go ahead. She urged the industry to remain positive for the future “should the situation change”.

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