CleanaFi International is the exclusive distributor for three ranges of laundry, drycleaning and wetcleaning solutions to benefit businesses opening up after the lockdown and beyond. Family-owned and operated for three generations, CleanaFi International manufactures in the United States and sells professional drycleaning, wetcleaning, spotting, restoration and shirt laundry products in the US and throughout the world, including the UK.

CleanaFi International sells under the following trade names:

Sanitone is sold under a license arrangement to quality drycleaners throughout the world. Sanitone products are the most advanced soaps, detergents, and spotters in the drycleaning industry. The programme consists of a completely integrated package of high-quality products, technical service and promotional materials that are designed to help drycleaners maximise profits Sanitone products and processes directly to drycleaners and wet cleaners. Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaners also receive advertising packages for their local use that include photography specific to the drycleaning industry. Sanitone has been serving the drycleaning industry since 1932.

Fabritec is another complete line of soaps, detergents and spotting chemicals for cleaners. The idea behind the brand is to provide consistent cleaning quality in an affordable, easy-to-use product line for drycleaners and wetcleaners,.

Stamford offers effective, cost-efficient products for all areas of your operation, be it dry cleaning, laundry, wet cleaning, restoration, or spotting. The Stamford line of innovative products is safe, effective, and compatible with today's sophisticated drycleaning, laundry and wetcleaning systems. All Stamford products have been developed to comply with environmental regulations

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