Laundry Plus, the Bradenton, Florida-based commercial laundry, has won Continental Girbau’s award for its business partner of the year for 2014.

For the past four years, Laundry Plus, owned by Rick Rone, has invested in Continental and Girbau Industrial (GI) branded laundry solutions. It has also recommended these companies to others and helped those who are relatively new customers of Continental and Girbau.

Since 2011, Laundry Plus has installed a Continental/GI 12-module TBS 50 batch washer, two full ironer lines, several open-pocket series E washer-extractor and ten, ST100, 250lb dryers. In this time it has raised productivity to 70,000lb in 11 hours and increased the pieces per operator hour by 15 – 18 %. it has also reduced water use to 0.6 gallons/lb.


BUSINESS PARTNER: Laundry Plus has won Continental Girbau’s business partner of the year award. Pictured (from left) are Rick Rone and Ariel Recchioni of Laundry Plus with Continental president Mike Floyd