The NCA says that cleaners have no control over whether or not customers disclose that they are dealing with a bed bug infestation and warns that cleaners need to understand the issues to protect themselves against a possible lawsuit.

The classes are intended to provide cleaners with as much knowledge as possible bed bugs: how to spot a possible infestation, what kind of protocols can protect a drycleaner and what role insurance has.

The NCA also recognises cleaners may want to develop a bed bug service as a revenue stream, The NCA classes highlight both the potential risks and opportunities this brings. The classes examine what temperature a bed bug dies at, which drycleaning solvents kill them, what protocols should be followed in a drycleaning plant and importantly, asks if it is possible make money with the service without scaring existing customers who do not have bed bug problems.

The first NCA class takes place in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas this Saturday (19 March) with more to follow – Los Angeles, California on 10 April, western New York 30 April, New York City 16/17 April and Oregon 26 June 2011.