The German industrial textile business, Dibella, has signed a partnership with the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative with the aim of promoting a social and environmentally friendly cotton harvest in various African countries.

“The cooperation is a further, integral part of our sustainability strategy which incorporates conscientious transparent production conditions and a high level of production quality,” said Ralf Hellmann, CEO of Dibella

“Cotton made in Africa” is an initiative that represents the improvement of the living conditions for cotton farmers and their families in the sub- Sahara region of Africa. It concentrates on efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation methods and increased quality standards, which will lead to, and result in, improved working and living conditions for 650,000 small farmers in ten countries.

SUSTAINABLE COTTON: Ralf Hellmann, CEO Dibella, and Tina Stridde, CEO Aid by Trade Foundation, confirm the partnership contract during the Heimtextil Fair in Frankfurt