The Caledonia, in Liverpool’s Catharine Street aims to be all things to all customers. Enterprising landlord Ingo Aicher already offers customers the delights of the internet, but now he’s turned the business into the Caledonia Laundromatic Super Pub to give regulars an extra excuse to pop in for a pint. And the fun doesn’t end there, as local DJs will be booked to appear at the new style Caledonia LSP.

Mr Aicher, who hails from the German town of Rottweil says that the idea comes from the Internet launderettes in Amsterdam and Berlin.

He expects the new venture to be particularly popular with the local student population. Prices are competitive, £2.50 per wash, soap powder included.

If washing while you drink, dance and surf, really catches on, Ingo Aicher may even open up the basement and offer service washes as well.