Eco Fresh Laundry, based in Paddock Wood, Kent, provides wet cleaning as part of a range of services to schools, hotels and spas in the area, as well as private customers. Impressed with the service and quality of equipment offered by laundry supplies specialist Alex Reid, Eco Fresh has now installed the Flux-Box auto dosing system, using the Caretex Professional range of wet cleaning fluids.

Lawrence Evans who took over the business in 2016 works with co-owners Marie and Ron Cockayne, said: “At Eco-Fresh we are passionate about conserving the environment and the Caretex Professional range and Flux-Box combination are kind on both fabrics and the environment as well as minimising wastage.”

The laundry has also chosen the Grandimpianti C160/32 flatwork ironer to complement the gas ironer already in-situ.

Alex Reid is a UK distributor for Italian manufacturer Grandimpianti, which produces an extensive range of washing, drying and ironing equipment.

AUTO DOSING: Lawrence Evans, Ron Cockayne and Marie Cockayne in the Eco Fresh Laundry