As football clubs prepare to welcome back full stadiums of fans for the start of the new season, Manchester United has entered into a partnership with Ecolab to adopt its science-based water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions not only in the laundry to clean the kits and textiles but across Old Trafford and the Carrington training ground.

Manchester United will draw on Ecolab’s expertise to show leadership in hygiene and sustainable practices, helping create a cleaner environment for fans and promote public health as Old Trafford prepares to open the turnstiles to its largest crowds for 17 months.

Ecolab has almost 100 years of experience in supporting businesses across 170 countries deliver excellence in hygiene and drive more efficient and sustainable operations. This extensive partnership will combine Ecolab’s breadth of expertise with Manchester United’s focus on a cleaner, more sustainable future. Moreover, the Club has committed to working with Ecolab to deliver a higher level of cleanliness based on rigorous cleaning protocols, training and audits that will earn the Club the official Ecolab Science CertifiedTM seal.

All areas of United’s iconic Old Trafford stadium and Carrington training ground are being equipped with Ecolab hand disinfectant, also used across the National Health Service (NHS). From seating areas, hospitality boxes and kitchens, to the dressing rooms, training facilities and office spaces, Ecolab’s solutions and technology will benefit fans, players and staff in every part of the Club.

A customised textile care solution for United’s laundry will deliver improved quality, safety, and sustainability when washing kits and linens, says Ecolab, and the Club’s award-winning grounds keeping team will be advised on how to optimise the quality of water used to irrigate pitches and help provide the best possible playing surfaces throughout the season at Old Trafford and Carrington.

To maximise the benefits of the partnership, Ecolab has designated an in-house expert to advise Manchester United and oversee implementation of the new solutions and technology across the Club.

Manchester United’s chief pperating officer, Collette Roche, commented: “The safety of our fans, employees and players will always be a priority for Manchester United. As we prepare to fully reopen Old Trafford, we recognise it is more important than ever to elevate our already high standards of hygiene and infection prevention.

“We look forward to working with Ecolab to achieve its official Ecolab Science Certified Seal, so that all visitors to the club can see our commitment to delivering a higher level of cleanliness and ensuring they receive the best possible experience.”

To celebrate the start of its partnership with the Club, Ecolab will be teaming up with Manchester United Foundation to collaborate on future projects within the Foundation’s network of partner schools within Greater Manchester. 

"Through our partnership with Manchester United, we are looking forward to helping reconnect fans with the club they love by advancing cleaner, safer practices across the Club, and demonstrating the transformative outcomes we drive for our customers every day,” said Christophe Beck, Ecolab CEO.

“Our ambition is to support the global economic and societal recovery by promoting more hygienic and sustainable practices. Building on our industrial, healthcare and hospitality experience and scientific expertise, we will continue to help organisations like Manchester United deliver experiences that protect public health while preserving the health of our planet.”