Electrolux Professional has continued investment in its laundry R&D and manufacturing facility in Ljungby, Sweden, with the aim of accelerating the development of new products for the global commercial laundry market. The €4.6million (SEK 45million) investment will see the manufacturer create a 4,600square metre area comprising of a laboratory, a research and development facility, as well as increased factory floor space.

This is in addition to a previous outlay of €6.5m (SEK 63m) on new products developed for production in Ljungby.

Construction at Ljungby will commence in 2017, with the project to be completed in full by 2018.

Ljungby produces Electrolux’s washing machines and dryers for professional customers. The site serves as the global R&D hub for Electrolux Professional Laundry and provides innovation in R&D, such as the water-based cleaning system lagoon Advanced Care and the efficient dosing system.

“Making customers’ lives easier through innovation is the basis for further sustainable laundry solutions and we look forward to witnessing the future possibilities of this investment,” said Alberto Zanata, president and CEO of Electrolux Professional.