Electrolux Professional has trained Two Pairs of Eyes on laundry businesses as it launches a new augmented reality remote guidance app which can help customers complete a number of service and maintenance tasks on its professional laundry equipment.

Fast-tracked to provide remote, contact-free support to customers in light of social distancing, the new application – called Two Pairs of Eyes – uses augmented reality technology. Available on mobile and tablet devices, it allows service and maintenance technicians to remotely guide customers through basic servicing, repair and maintenance tasks, as well as remote training and product tutorials. The app also ensures any necessary remedial work can take place on sites with strict access limitations.

Part of Electrolux Professional’s Essentia offering, Two Pairs of Eyes offers significant advantages over a standard video call, with problems solved 30% faster, and with 50% less errors. In turn, this can cut both the waiting times and associated costs for service visits, and ultimately minimise downtime for end-users who are currently open and operating.

As well as the ability to speak with a service technician, end-users can also order spares and other ancillaries via the app.

Darren Lockley, head of region UK & Ireland at Electrolux Professional, commented: “Social distancing certainly presents a challenge when it comes to maintaining and servicing equipment. While there are some scenarios which will require a site visit, there are also a number of other instances where an issue can be simply resolved remotely. Two Pairs of Eyes is designed exactly for that, and can eliminate a lot of the confusion caused by other forms of remote diagnostics.

“The principle is simple, as it enables the technician and customer to share the same view on their smartphone or tablet. Yet the magic really happens in virtual reality mode, when the technician is able to provide guidance and support literally by hand. It has been in development for some time, however given the current social distancing measures which are likely to be in place over the coming months, we have redoubled efforts to make it available now.”

The Two Pairs of Eyes app is available on IOS, Android and Windows devices. For more information, please click here.