Speed and cost savings are promised by Electrolux for its new range of dryers, which includes heat pump alternatives. In September Electrolux unveiled its new Line 6000 dryers at its Center of Excellence in Luton. The second stage of the Electrolux Elexpedition event moved to the company's Ljungby, Sweden, facility with key partners to unveil the state-of-the-art range of commercial dryers and share  industry insight and innovations from the team.

Paul Frost, Electrolux Professional’s regional head of sales laundry, commented: “It was fantastic to begin our Electrolux Elexpedition with the recent Partner Forum [in Luton]. As a leader in the laundry industry, it’s hugely important for us to provide expertise to our customers with both insight on the latest technology and offering state-of-the-art products to the market. It was a pleasure to finally unveil the latest innovation in laundry technology: our new Line 6000 Dryer. The Partner Forum was a resounding success and we’d like to thank everyone who attended.”

in Ljungby, Electrolux partners were able to examine the machines in detail and visited the production line where new Heat Pump dryers alternatives in the range are manufactured. Electrolux claims 60% savings on energy compared with traditional dryers. "The trade-off for heat pump energy savings in the past  was slower drying times but Electrolux has managed to achieve, with the 14kg machine a full load dried in 35 minutes. and in the 20kg machine a full load in just 42 minutes. The heat pump line  is suitable for installation almost anywhere thanks to its small footprint and plug & play capabiities even in awkward basement laundries as there is no need for exhaust ventilation or a water cooling system.

Also demonstrated was the adaptive fan feature which adjusts fan speed automatically to save energy and reduce drying time.

Electrolux also exhibited its new commercial dryers at the ExpoDetergo exhibition in Milan, which provided the opportunity for the team to showcase their latest innovations to the laundry and garment maintenance industry. LCN will reporting on both events in more detail in upcoming features.