TAED is a biocidal active ingredient that combines with peroxygen to generate peracetic acid “in situ”. It can be used in hard surface cleaners, general disinfectants, and powerful sterilants, where pre-formed peracetic acid is difficult to use.

Peracetic acid has been proved effective against spores, viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Dr Paul Baxter, business development director at Warwick International, said: “US formulators have already shown great interest in the use of TAED as a biocidal active material. We are helping them develop and refine solutions using TAED for high-value-added biocidal products.”

Warwick International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequa Corporation, New York. It owns manufacturing operations in England and distribution companies in France, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and Italy. It also has representative offices in Malaysia, China and Brazil.