On 1 February, ETSA Secretariat welcomed Nadia Sleiman as A member of the ETSA team as part of her internship contract with American University.  Sleiman is in the third year of her Bachelor's program at American University and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Studies with a focus on conflict resolution, identity, race, gender and culture in the Middle East and Europe. Nadia also speaks French, Arabic and English.

Sleiman is participating in a study abroad programme in Belgium where she will intern at ETSA until the end of April and is especially interested in environmental sustainability, legislation, and corporate social responsibility. Originally she is from Buffalo in New York State but has also lived in Dubai and travels to the Middle East annually. In her free time, she likes to ride horses and travel. ETSA is excited to have her join the team and is committed to reaching out to younger people, particularly women and those from diverse backgrounds. As ETSA aims to have an ambitious first semester of 2022, Sleiman's enthusiasm, expertise and thirst for knowledge will be instrumental in helping advance the goals of sustainable textiles.

Sleiman said she applied for the ETSA internship because: “ETSA's mission statement and commitment to their members and the environment is why I chose to apply; however, the environment and team dynamic is what solidified my decision. It is genuinely a positive place to work where people are passionate about what they do.

“The Climate Ambassadorship and peer parliaments that gather people with different backgrounds to talk about pressing issues is what is most exciting. I am looking forward to working on future webinars and hopefully research in the future.

“In the future, I hope to become an ambassador in the MENA or European regions and ETSA will play a large role in that. I am gaining first-hand experience on how the E.U. functions and a whole new perspective to how society can address climate change,” said Sleiman.