SMILES (Sustainable Measures for Industrial Laundry Expansion Strategies) sets out to design the Smart Laundry for 2015, which will provide a model for saving water and energy and reducing CO2 emissions in all EU industrial laundries.

The project, co-ordinated by the Belgian Textile Care Federation, will research and develop 16 sustainable technologies. The areas covered will include water reduction and energy saving systems, using green fuels to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions, and the development of better energy systems and improved production processes and ways to improve textile hygiene. The project will be completed in September 2011.

ACCEPT (Advanced CO2 Cleaning as an Ecological Process Technology) will be completed in September 2010 and will be co-ordinated by Chemische Fabrik Kreussler in Germany. It aims to develop and promote a competitive, sustainable, hygienic, environmentally and user-friendly liquid carbon dioxide-based cleaning method to replace cleaning with hydrocarbon and halogenated organic solvents.