UK: From the 1st October the new Rapid Opinion Service (ROS) will be available for members of the Fabric Care Research Association.

It will be the primary garment analysis service for all drycleaning enquiries from the association’s members.

The ROS will include a full physical examination but not chemical or destructive testing.

Although advice on recovery treatment may be included in the report, FCRA will not actually do the work.

Unless advised by the member that the report is likely to be required for litigation purposes, or a full analysis and report is specifically requested, all enquiries from members will be dealt with under ROS.

Members will receive a simplified report which, whenever possible, will include a clear statement regarding responsibility.

However, if this is not possible from the physical examination, the report will advise on whether extended or destructive examination is likely to be able to attribute the cause.

This new style of report is based upon the fact that 98% of all enquiries are settled by the analysis service without having to resort to legal proceedings.