Purchased by Bourne Laundry to produce 650 food-grade garments per hour, the Kent 950 tunnel finisher surprised its new owners by processing 800 per hour, all at an acceptable quality.

Broadbent Laundry System engineers spent one weekend removing the old finishing system and installing a Kent 950G gas-heated tunnel finisher built on a steel frame and using stainless steel in the steam-spray zone, and high-grade aluminium in the heat zone.

The Bourne Laundry roof had to be removed to allow a 40-tonne crane to lower the tunnel and autoloaders in position.

Three Kent autoloads feed onto a single transport rail leading to a power buffer rail that feeds each peg on the tunnel conveyor for effective garment spacing.

A plc monitors and controls the process giving the operators the ability to program the wash to suit the high specification of food hygiene.