As part of its “one process, many possibilities” approach, the retail group will reinforce its environmental-friendly message by emphasising that the process does without chemical solvents, and is particularly gentle to silk, leather and fur and to decorative details such as embroidery and sequins.

A spokesman said: “Lavish trimmings refine the outfits, as well as making them become a challenge with regard to care. Cleaning in the household washing machine is not advisable in the case of high-quality items of clothing. But even professional cleaning with conventional processes can be hard on and even permanently damage fibres, colours and shapes.”

Fred Butler, a Linde Group company, says the natural carbon dioxide (CO2) used as the solvent and a very high pressure in the washing chamber ensure textiles keep their shape and their useful life increases by up to 40%.

The company was the first textile cleaning operation to be awarded the “Nordic Swan”, one of the most important European eco-labels, this spring.

This spring Fred Butler opened stores in Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden, Germany. Further shops are to follow in Munich and the south of Germany before the end of this year.