The Healthcare Linen Alliance has announced that one of its founding members, Superior Health Linens, acquired Textile Care Services a healthcare and hospitality linen processor based in Rochester, Minnesota. Both organisations are recognised throughout the Upper Midwest as growing healthcare laundry and linen services companies who provide industry-leading products and customer service.

With this acquisition, Superior now processes 170 million pounds of laundry annually, serving the Mayo Clinic as well as local hotels in Minnesota.

TCS was founded in 1918 as a partnership between the Mayo Clinic and the Kahler Hotel to provide linen for both organisations. This purchase by Superior Health Linens expands the company’s coverage, which now has an even larger footprint serving healthcare providers across Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The deal arrived on the heels of TCS signing a 20-year agreement to serve the Mayo Clinic.

The Healthcare Linen Alliance includes Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Corp., Emerald Textiles, Logan’s Healthcare Linen Systems, Paris Healthcare Linen Services, Superior Health Linens and Textile Care Services. The group serves a large area covering Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Southern California, Tennessee, Texas, Washington State, West Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as Canada.

Textile Care Services image from Dan Slade Paul