Spain/worldwide: Girbau plans to enter a much wider range of market sectors with its HS5800 washer-extractor.

The company believes this latest washer-extractor will attract sales from areas such as campsite laundries, rural tourism houses, hostels and hairdressing sectors – all of which need performance greater than that of domestic washer.

The HS5800 provides this with the ability to wash an 8kg load in half an hour (compared with 4kg in one hour), and to support the machine Girbau is investing around ¤11.5million in a third factory with dedicated production line, research and development and tooling.

Girbau recently gathered distributors from Europe, Africa and the Middle East at its Spanish headquarters to present its plans for the machine.

Technical director, Ramon Sans explained the details of the machine to the convention. He said: “We had never conceived such an important project as this… We have designed a washer extractor for production in series and it is the first time Girbau machines will be assembled in line.” The audience also heard from Josep Lazaro, sales head engineer , who described the potential for a complementary drying range, STI, and commercial director Alfons Reixach who addressed the machine’s marketing.

Jordi Bosch, who heads sales in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, ended by thanking the distributors for their efforts in introducing Girbau products.

The convention was part of a series of meetings, and a similar presentation was given at Texcare Asia, held in Hong Kong in May.